China Population Statistics

People’s Republic of China current population is expected to be about 1.354 billion individuals that are a rise of approximately 0.01 percent from the previous population record. People’s Republic of China is considered the most populous region all over the world, although the gap of population in India is raising


Poverty in India Statistics

India is known to be the third in the world’s poorest and based on statistics has the most poverty-stricken regions in the world. In 2010, over 32% of Indians are below the poverty line used internationally at US$ 1.25 daily while more than 68% are earning a living at US$2


Other Countries

Pakistan Education Statistics

The Pakistan education statistics shows the analysis of the country’s education system. In the country, the state is mandated to give compulsory and free education to all children of the age 15-16 in manner that is determined by the law. Pakistan’s Education System It is the fundamental human right of