3 Pros and Cons of Climate Change

3 Pros and Cons of Climate Change

If there is one issue that is stirring a lot of debate and gaining a lot of attention in the news, it would be climate change. This is an issue that people can’t agree on and both sides are very adament about their position. This means that the only real way to come to some kind of understanding on the issue of climate change is to have a full understanding of the subject. This is best achieved by being aware of both the pros and cons of climate change. This is the only way that you can determine for yourself what climate change really is and how dire the situation may be. Here are the pros and cons of Climate Change.

List of Cons of Climate Change

Little Increase in Temp
Those that are against climate change point to the very small increase in temperature that has been determined and say that this is insignificant. The temperature has risen over time and is up about 14 degrees, but there are those that argue that this does not necessarily make climate change a real issue. Some feel that the change in temperature that is seen can be attributed to the sun and not necessarily climate change at all.

Scare People for Money
There are also those against climate change that feel it is simply a tactic and an issue that is over exaggerated in order to scare people and create an industry. There is money that is made due to the invention of climate change. This means that a con could be that it takes advantage of those that are uneducated and do not know what climate change really is and how it can be prevented against.

List of Pros of Climate Change

Real Statistics
Those that believe and climate change and argue that it is real feel that the real statistics show that there is a real increase in temperature that can only be attributed to the amount of green gases that are released. This means that the stats do not lie and there is a reason to be concerned about the amount of green gases that are being released into the atmosphere. With time the issue will only continue to worsen and this is the main reason why people are arguing that climate change is an issue that needs attention now. The longer that we wait the more damage will occur that can’t be reversed.