7 Pros and Cons of Electronic Cigarettes

7 Pros and Cons of Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes, sometimes called “e-cigs” or “e-cigarettes,” are a smoking alternative to the traditional cigarette. This product still supplies nicotine to the user, but it eliminates the harmful chemicals that are found in cigarettes and their second-hand smoke.

If you’re thinking about using this technology, then here are some of the pros and cons of electronic cigarettes to consider.

List of the Pros of Electronic Cigarettes

1. It eliminates tobacco from the equation.
Electronic cigarettes remove the toxic chemicals, tar, and tobacco that are found in the traditional cigarette. Compared to traditional smoking, the use of an e-cigarette reduces the risks of heart disease, lung health, and cancer.

2. They come in various strengths.
There are some electronic cigarettes which offer nicotine levels that are stronger than the traditional cigarette. You can also find e-cigs which contain zero nicotine. That gives you a chance to find a product that meets your exact needs.

3. It can minimize the side effects of nicotine withdraw.
If you’re trying to quit your smoking habit, some electronic cigarettes may be able to help with this. You can begin to step down from the nicotine levels you are using thanks to products which contain just 6mg of it. By following a step-down process, it may be possible to reduce some cravings.

4. They are cheaper than traditional cigarettes.
Most cigarettes in the United States sell for $8 per pack. In comparison, you can purchase a 5-pack of e-cig cartridges for under $15.

List of the Cons of Electronic Cigarettes

1. There is no long-term information about this option.
Although it is suspected that electronic cigarettes are safer than traditional cigarettes, no long-term studies have been completed as of yet. They may be just as dangerous as other smoking products, just in different ways.

2. You’re still using nicotine with many e-cigarettes.
There are zero nicotine options which allow you to enjoy the flavor and social experience of smoking. Most products, however, still contain nicotine. This substance raises blood pressure levels and restricts blood flow, which may contribute to other health issues.

3. It may promote dual use.
Some smokers might decide to use electronic cigarettes and traditional cigarettes to support their smoking habit.

The pros and cons of electronic cigarettes show us that it can be beneficial to use this product to reduce a smoking habit. Most experts agree, however, that if you’re not a smoker, then don’t start – even with e-cigarettes.