6 Pros and Cons of Flu Shot

6 Pros and Cons of Flu Shot

Various strains of the influenza virus impact families around the world each winter. The flu is highly contagious, resulting in thousands of deaths and countless hospitalizations and visits to the doctor. One of the ways to combat this health threat is to receive the annual flu shot.

List of the Pros of the Flu Shot

1. You will not get the flu from the shot.
The flu shot contains an inactivated form of the expected influenza virus which will be active during the upcoming season. You cannot get sick from the flu by getting the vaccination.

2. It can help you to feel less sick if you do get the flu.
If you do catch the flu after getting the shot, then your symptoms are often milder than they would be otherwise. There are lower risks of complications and hospitalizations in high-risk groups as well.

3. There is a group protection benefit to consider.
When you get the flu shot, you are also helping the people who cannot receive this vaccination. It works to prevent influenza from spreading.

List of the Cons of the Flu Shot

1. Some people cannot get the flu shot.
Children who are under 6 months of age or people who receive a severe reaction to the vaccine or its ingredients should not receive the flu shot. A nasal spray or alternative distribution model may be available for some individuals.

2. You can still get the flu.
The influenza shot requires about 14 days to help your body develop immunities. You can still catch the flu at this time. It is also possible to get sick when the strains in the shot do not match the types causing infection.

3. It can cause Guillain-Barre Syndrome.
The flu shot can trigger a rare condition where your immune system begins to attack the body’s peripheral nerves. If you have already dealt with this health condition in the past, then you will want to speak with your doctor before receiving this vaccination.

The goal of the flu shot is to reduce the spread of this contagious virus while preventing potentially dangerous health effects. Even people who are otherwise healthy can still die from influenza, which is why the pros and cons of this vaccine are important to review for yourself and your family.