Jason Earles Age Controversy


Jason Earles is one of the most controversial names in the industry of entertainment. Many people were confused about his real age and it became an issue to people especially to the fans. His name became extremely popular during the time when he played a role in Hannah Montana and other well known shows. Jason Earles age controversy has remained an issue for many people but this time, his age will be revealed.

Who is Jason Earles?

Jason Daniel Earles is a martial artist and actor comedian in America who became popular for his role on Disney Channel sitcom Hannah Montana as Jackson Stewart. He also played a character in Kickin’ It, a Disney XD series, as Sensei Rudy.

He played as the nerdy card gamer in Still Standing, a sitcom in 2002 to 2006. Earles appeared as the Thomas Gates, ancestor of Ben Gates (Nicolas Cage) in a 2004 movie National Treasure. Earles also appeared in the 2005 movie American Pie Presents: Band Camp as Ernie Kaplowitz.

In the Disney series of 2004-2006 entitled Phil of the Future, Earles guest starred as Grady Spaggett who is an advanced Mathematics student. He was also in the Blue Team of 2006 Disney Channel Games and on the Red Team in 2007-2008 Disney Channel Games. He also played other minor roles in other shows.

His most popular role in a Disney Channel series was Jackson Stewart who was Miley Stewart (Miley Cyrus) older brother. During this time, people tend to get confused with the age of Jason Earles. His character as Jackson Steward was 16 years old and when the show began, he was already 29 years old.

His resume revealed April 26, 1985 as his birth date. A Houston Chronicle story in 2007 had stated that Earles was already 19 years old. However, an Associated press story in 2009 said that he would turn 32 on April 26.

From most sources, Earles age has been 13 years older than the character he played in Hannah Montana. There were also some sources that he was born in the year 1977 and the reason why he looks younger than his real age is that he had a Kallmann Syndrome. There have been lots of posts or sources that reveal different information regarding Jason Earles age controversy.

In particular websites, they also revealed that Earles has been married with 2 kids. With this controversy on the age of Jason Earles, people showed different reactions toward him. Some of them got mad and disappointed with his role played in Hannah Montana while others remained a big fan of him.

Whatever his age may be, there is no doubt that Earles had successfully done his roles in different Disney Channel series and other movies all throughout his career as an actor comedian. The truth is that this issue made him accomplished his job and performed well in every role he played. The Important thing that people should remember in this Jason Earles age controversy is how to accomplish their individual tasks to inspire other people around them.