4 Fun Facts About Gloria Estefan

4 Fun Facts About Gloria Estefan

Born in Cuba, Gloria Estefan is one of the best-selling artists in the music industry today. Worldwide she has sold over 100 million albums, with over 30 million being sold in the US alone. Why put off until tomorrow when tomorrow might never come? That question has caused Estefan to pursue her dreams with an aggressiveness rarely seen in the world today.

1. Not Her Greatest Talent

Gloria Estefan might be a Latin pop superstar, but music might not be her greatest talent. It’s been said that she has friends come over to her home regularly not for drinks or a party atmosphere, but to get their eyebrows plucked. That’s right – Estefan is an expert eyebrow plucker. Don’t worry though – you’ll probably get at least one cosmos while you’re over there.

2. Especially Fluent

Before breaking into music, Estefan took her talents in learning languages to lead her into a career as a translator. She speaks fluently in English, Spanish, and French. For some time, she worked as a translator at Miami International Airport as part of their customs department. It’s been said that even the CIA tried to recruit her once because of her language skills.

3. Published Multiple Times

As if selling 100 million records wasn’t enough, Estefan is also a best-selling author. She’s written two children’s books that have made it onto the New York Times best-sellers list. She and her husband, Emilio Estefan, have also published a cookbook with about 60 traditional Cuban recipes that they regularly make in their kitchen.

4. No Secrets

When celebrities have great fame, it is uncommon for their marriages to last. For the Estefan’s, they say there is no secret to their success. What they have is a great love for one another that continues on every day. You can catch just a glimpse of that passion in Gloria’s recurring role on the show Glee as Santana Lopez’s mother.

Gloria Estefan fled the Cuban Revolution, immigrated to the US, and chased her dreams with a passion that turned her into a superstar. These fun facts prove that anyone can follow a dream, no matter what their circumstances might be, if they’re willing to put in the work to grab it.