5 Pros and Cons of Declawing Cats


As a responsible pet owner there are going to be quite a few different things you may not be all that excited to tackle when it comes to your furry little family member, even though you know that they are important for keeping them happy, healthy, and well loved.

Declawing your cats definitely falls into that category.

There are some that simply cannot even imagine allowing cats – indoor cats in particular – to go even a single day longer than necessary without having their claws removed surgically while there are those that also believe that cats were genetically supposed to have claws and removing them is some form of animal cruelty.

Obviously, it’s important that you understand the pros and cons of this kind of procedure before you dive right in. Hopefully we’ll be able to shine a little bit of light on that subject for you going forward.

The Pros of Declawing Cats

Believe it or not, declawing your cat may (quite literally) save their lives.

1. Can be Used to Hurt Others
Cats cannot be trained not to use their claws destructively, and even though the can certainly set of distractions that allow them to claw things that aren’t of high value, you’ll never be able to stop them from clawing anything that may strike their fancy.

2. Risk of Harm to Oneself
And while that’s not necessarily bad news if you don’t particularly care about your old couch getting scratched up a little bit, cats also have a tendency to stuff their claws into people, other animals, and materials that cause their nails to get stuck or break off – and that’s when a medical intervention needs to happen.

3. Easy to Declaw when Young
Cutting off the claws while they are still babies gives you the opportunity to protect them from this damage (and potential euthanasia) completely.

The Cons of Declawing Cats

At the exact same time, there is a reason why a tremendous amount of veterinarians will not indoors declawing cats even though they will readily agree that sometimes it’s the right way to go.

1. You Are Amputating Your Cats Fingertips
When you declawing a cat you are essentially amputating the third phalanx of their hands at the knuckle – basically cutting off their fingertips. Just imagine what would happen if you lost your fingertips (nothing but your fingertips) and how emotional and inarticulate you would feel.

It’s the same way for your cats.

2. Risk of Long Term Limb Issues
Chronic pain, phantom limb issues, and in him proper declawing can all result in serious problems for your furry little feline family member later down the line as well. This may not be the kind of route you want to take.