Advantages and Disadvantages of Monarchy


Monarchy means the leadership or rule of one person such as queen or king. This also includes hereditary command chain wherein descendants and relatives of the ruler are destined to take the throne during the time of his or her death. In Monarchy, only the king or the queen has the absolute or highest power. Their power will be passed on to other generations of families. Some individuals agree with this type of leadership while others remain in doubt. Differences in views and opinions of people have probably triggered the debates regarding the advantages and disadvantages of Monarchy.

Advantages of Monarchy

Leadership Stability
Monarchs have life tenure and are not subject to national elections, unlike other leaders under different types of governments.

Leadership Suitability
The people who are in line for the throne are taught how to run and lead a country from a very young age.

Leadership Focus
Since monarchs are not worried or bothered by losing elections, they tend to be more focused on running their country and concentrating on its overall development. They think about long term goals rather than short term or temporary ones.

Non-partisan Leadership
Monarchs are born to rule and they are not answerable to anyone. Politicians need to win the election and have to reach out to the crowd to get their votes; a thing that monarchs do not really experience.

Blames are Not Shared
Monarchs cannot share blame or pass it on to others when they make bad decisions. This is completely different as compared to politicians who try to point fingers and let other people shoulder the mistakes they have actually committed.

Limited Badness to Deal With
When a country is lead by an irresponsible and incompetent monarch, individuals have to deal with the badness of a single person unlike in other government system that citizens have to deal and suffer with the badness of all elected leaders whom they thought would represent them.

Disadvantages of Monarchy

Absence of Democratic Legitimacy
Monarchs are not chosen and elected by people unlike politicians who are voted and selected by people.

Lack of Democratic Liability and Accountability
If monarchs became inefficient and bad leaders, they cannot be held liable by the people.

Much Power and Fame is Invested to Single Person
Monarchs are recognized as supreme legislator, executor and judicator and although they are assisted with their personal advisors, it is still them who have the final say and no one is allowed to break this.

Monarchy is Difficult to Change Internally
In case a monarch becomes ineffective and irresponsible leader, it is quite hard for people around to force this leader out or replace him with more effective leader.

Monarchy is an ideal type of government or leadership and many individuals would probably agree to this; however it is undeniable that there are some who dislike this type. The advantages and disadvantages of monarchy are things that individuals need to be aware of.