Advantages and Disadvantages of Sexual Reproduction


The large majority of plants and animals on Earth have to reproduce by sexual reproduction. Humans reproduce this way also. This means that a male and female are both necessary for conception to take place. Most of the animals in the animal kingdom have a season for sexual reproduction. It is called the mating season wherein the male will court the female.

Sexual reproduction comes with a several advantages and some disadvantages too. It is very important for you to raise your awareness about this issue because everyone is almost involved in this stuff. Without proper knowledge, this process can cause serious trouble that one can bear for the rest of his or her life. Here you will get a list of the advantages and disadvantages of sexual reproduction.

Disadvantages of Sexual Reproduction

Redundancy in the DNA Code
The redundancy in the genetic code can bring a negative impact on the genetic structure of particular specie. If this will not be handled well, it would be very tough to manage.

Genetic Malfunction
Continues reproduction of a species can create a complex genetic process in time which may lead to some abnormalities on their offspring.

Uncontrolled Sexual Reproduction
If the sexual reproduction of specie goes out of control, it will bring havoc in the ecosystem and in the food chain. Dominant specie can trigger an extinction of other specie coexisting in the same habitat.

Advantages of Sexual Reproduction

Masking, Expanding and Preserving the Genetic Diversity
This is very important to continue the genetic diversity of particular specie. Without sexual reproduction, most probably, there is no one writing or reading this stuff.

Masking Effect
This is to ensure that the parts of a pair needed for reproduction will not be extricated.

Expanding Effect
This effect is necessary for multiplication of specie. It ensures that an allele will find its partner and they will reproduce their genes in order for them to continue to exist in any habitat.

Preserved Effect
This is to preserve the genetic code of an existing allele in order for a certain specie to not to mutate and maintains its genetic code.

Brings Pleasure and Enjoyment for any Species
This advantage is mostly applicable for human beings. Engaging in a process called sexual reproduction can give you a feeling of enjoyment and fun. Aside from the actual experience itself, the feeling of having an offspring cannot be described easily – it is beyond words.

Continuation of Existence
The worst nightmare of a certain species is the end of their existence on earth, like the mammoth or the dinosaurs. Sexual reproduction allows the species to grow and thrive for many years.

Everyone knows the importance of sexual reproduction. However, it is also important to take note both the advantages and disadvantages of sexual reproduction as well in order for everyone to weigh things including the consequences of these aspects.