Amnesty for Illegal Immigrants Pros and Cons

Amnesty for Illegal Immigrants Pros and Cons

Illegal immigrants have been a topic of conversation in the United States since President Obama offered the potential for amnesty to occur. Some illegal immigrants come to the US just because they can. Others are trying to escape extreme political persecution. Some families just come to get jobs and make a better life for themselves. Should people who would be deported back into hostile situations have the chance to receive amnesty? Here is a look at the pros and cons of the subject.

The Pros for Illegal Immigration Amnesty

1. It’s the humanitarian thing to do.
Many people come to the United States illegally because they have no legal means to apply for a visa due to the political climate of their country. By offering them amnesty when they arrive here, the US is doing the right thing from a humanitarian standpoint because the illegal immigrants are effectively refugees.

2. It creates a more diverse population.
Although diversity is sometimes feared, the reality of a diverse population is that it becomes stronger. Diversity brings different skills, perspectives, and natural talents that can all be contributed to an overall greater good.

3. It reduces the costs of housing during the deportation process.
With fewer people being deported, law enforcement costs can be reduced or transferred into other points of emphasis that can keep society safer. It also means that there could be potentially fewer jail cells being filled with people who are being sent back to their home country.

The Cons For Illegal Immigration Amnesty

1. It takes job opportunities away from people who are already here legally.
Although many jobs that illegal immigrants hold are not attractive jobs, they are still openings that would be available to citizens or legal immigrants if the the illegal population was not allowed to remain within a community with amnesty.

2. It encourages further illegal immigration to occur.
If immigrants have the chance to receive amnesty even though they are here illegally, then others will take the chance to come across the border as well for the shot at amnesty. The end result would be higher levels of illegal immigration that may need to be enforced.

3. It doesn’t solve the root problem.
The issues that are causing illegal immigration are local issues in an immigrant’s home country. By solving the root problems that are behind illegal immigration and working with nations that are struggling, it could be possible to naturally reduce illegal numbers because people will feel safer at home.

Is amnesty for illegal immigrants who are just trying to change their lives the right course of action to take? By weighing the advantages of amnesty against the disadvantages, we can come together to find a compromise that both sides of the subject can live with so people can receive the help they need, one way or another.