Compulsory Military Service Pros and Cons

Compulsory Military Service Pros and Cons

There have been times throughout history where compulsory military service has been the law of the land. Through the experiences of the required draft and forced military service, we have learned that there are some advantages and disadvantages to mandating service. Many veterans say that their time in the military was rewarding and fulfilling. Others rarely speak of their mandated service. That means it becomes important to evaluate all of the pros and cons of this subject.

Here Are the Pros of Compulsory Military Service

It creates an adequate defensive force. When there is a draft in place, it allows a nation’s military to be able to adequately defend its interests. This means that there will always be enough trained soldiers to meet the demands of war should one start. Ultimately it sets up the foundation of keeping a nation’s citizens sufficiently protected.

It spurs higher numbers of volunteers. When there is mandatory enlistments happening, then more volunteers for long-term military service come forth. Many mandatory situations allow volunteers to choose the branch of the military where they serve, something that most drafts or mandatory enlistments do not allow.

It provides a certain level of societal equality. Because a vast majority of citizens in any nation would qualify for mandatory military service, the policy equalizes the social and financial status that households have. Everyone is called into service and everyone is taken to a theater of war should it break out, whether they’re filthy rich or drowning in poverty.

Here Are the Cons of Compulsory Military Service

The quality of the military is ultimately compromised. Most people who enter into military service in a mandatory fashion are inexperienced in the ways of a solider and may provide a below average ability in a combat scenario. What’s one thing that inexperience on the front lines often causes? Fatalities.

It limits a person’s overall rights. In the United States, there’s the guarantee to pursue happiness. Having a mandatory system of military service could violate that guarantee for many people. The average person doesn’t have the final say in the process and feeling forced to serve creates second-class services quite often.

It would create a second-class citizen. Imagine what would happen to those who are disqualified from service because of health issues? It would cause them to be treated as second-class citizens in their society. There’s the men and women training to go off to war… and then there’s the 18 year old kid with a bad knee and a heart murmur that is treated with scorn because he can’t serve like everyone else.

Compulsory military service has happened in the past simply because there was no other choice. For many nations today, there is a choice. By weighing the pros and cons of this subject, each community can decide if requiring time in the military is the right choice to make.