Elective C Section Pros and Cons

Elective C Section Pros and Cons

Having a baby is one of the most exciting parts of life. It brings a sense of new hope, dreams for a bright future, and creates a new balance to family dynamics. One of the things about having a baby which can be a bit challenging, is knowing what is best when it comes to actually giving birth. Do you go all natural or have some medicinal help such as an epidural? Do you plan a c-section or have it as your backup plan just in case?

The Pros of Elective C-Sections

1. You know the birthday ahead of time, making it easy to plan around. This not only makes it more convenient for you, but you can schedule your baby’s birthday around your own schedule.

2. If you are particular about who delivers your baby, you can schedule your c-section around the doctor’s schedule.

3. Your doctor will find it more convenient because he can time it to go along with his normal hours, rather than wait and see when baby decides to arrive.

4. Your partner/spouse, can plan to be available because you will know in advance when he should plan on being available.

The Cons of Elective C-Sections

1. Planning to have a c-section takes away all possibility of having a natural childbirth experience.

2. You will have to be given medicine, even if you don’t want it. You will either be put under, receive a spinal, or an epidural.

3. Your baby will most likely be very sleepy when born because of the medicine you receive. Everything you take in, the baby takes in.

4. Your chances of ever giving birth vaginally are much lower after having a c-section. Some states have mandated required c-sections after having one.

5. Elective c-sections are still major surgery. You will need longer to recuperate than you would after a vaginal birth. You will also be more limited in what you can do for the first month or so after giving birth.

6. Your incision will need after care. You will have to change dressings, possibly have stitches removed, and keep it clean.

7. You will still bleed for just as long as you would have if giving birth vaginally.

8. Your body doesn’t get a chance to go into labor. That means you may be having the baby before he was really ready to be born.

Having a c-section is something which is important for some women. It saves lives and brings to life the goal of having a healthy baby. That is different than electing to have one. Elective c-sections are on the rise, in part because of the convenience they offer to expectant parents and doctors. Convenience should not take precedence over what is best for the family, including the soon to be born newest member.