Polygamy Pros and Cons


Polygamy is a type of marriage where a man takes more than one woman to be his wife. This lifestyle has been around since biblical times, and some argue that it is even condoned in the texts of the Bible. Polygamy has been gaining the spotlight recently due to the emergence of popular television series documenting the lives of polygamists. In order to truly understand the decision behind this lifestyle you must understand all of the pros and cons.

Pros of Polygamy

The More The Merrier
One of the strongest beliefs among the polygamy communities that there can never be too much love. By having multiple wives, you are able to share you love with many people, instead of just one. The wives also get to share their love with each other by becoming close friends. The same goes for children born to polygamist parents.

Pooled Income
Since there are more spouses, that means more people to go out and earn the bacon. Combining all of the money coming into the household can ease pressure on any one spouse to provide for so many people. This would also create more financial security to give the children a better life.

Split Responsibilities
With more than one “mother” in the house, the responsibility doesn’t fall on any one person. Things like chores, meal prep, and child watching can be split among multiple people, easing the burden for everyone.

Built In Support
In polygamist relationships you are surrounded by people that are dealing with the same issues and emotions that you are. This is a wonderful form of support for all types of problems. The wives that you live with, and share a husband with, often become your closest friends.

Cons of Polygamy

Jealousy is by far one of the largest and most common issues the polygamist families deal with. It is difficult to give just one woman an adequate amount of attention, but spreading your focus out among multiple women, all who have affection needs, is extremely challenging. Jealousy brews among the wive, particularly against ones who they perceive to get more attention than they do. This can create a hostile and unstable environment for the children and spouses.

Relinquishes Men From Control Of Impulses
It is no secret that men have sexual impulses which take discipline to control and refrain from acting out on. Shameful acts, like adultery, are completely avoided with polygamy. This is because the entire relationship is adultery. The man has the ability to take on many different partners, while the women do not.

Children Are Sacrificing
Polygamist families often have quite a few children, this is because there are multiple mothers to bear them. While there may be an adequate amount of mothers, there is still only one father. It is not humanely possible to spend a decent amount of time each day, with all of the children. This causes severe issues within the family environment. Another thing to take note of, is the larger the family gets the lower the quality of life becomes.