Pros and Cons of Daycare

Pros and Cons of Daycare

A lot of parents all over the globe are facing the difficult decision about whether they will place their children within daycare service or not each year. While the number of families having both parents employed needed to work outside their home has increased, the requirement for the services offered by daycare has also dramatically increased.

Those families might not be provided with relatives who live nearby or capable of taking care of their children. Some other families might have the parent who works at home yet requires uninterrupted time in order to accomplish work. Several daycare centers provide full day over half day or inclusive week over partial week choices, priced accordingly. This enables every family from matching the services of daycare with their requirements. However, hiring daycare services also have pros and cons. You must first weigh the pros and cons of daycare before considering such service.



The Pros of Daycare

The following are some of the advantages you can get from hiring daycare services:

Children who detach from the dependence to their parents early and acquire positive experiences in the center will learn to believe that parents would leave yet will always get back. Aside from this, such children will feel confident about their individual skills and so, more independent.

Even with their siblings, you cannot equalize the social interaction opportunities that a child gets at daycare inside the home. In daycare, children have the chance to negotiate and play with their peers every day. This opportunity might not be experienced at home, especially to an only child of the family.

Academic Advantage
A lot of daycare centers offer some type of instruction or introduction to some basic academic concepts. Time concepts, numbers, letters, and calendar concepts are inclusively explored on circle time every morning. Several daycare also provide art projects and music classes, which expose the child to an extensive range of experiences. A child should learn to keep track of a certain schedule and a structure should have him/her prepared for future schooling.



The Cons of Daycare

Of course, if there are advantages to using the daycare service, there are also some disadvantages seen from it. These disadvantages primarily include the following:

Increased Risk To Illness Exposure
Since different children from different places are going to attend to the daycare, there is an increased risk that your child might meet some unwanted illnesses. This can be a hassle to parents working because once the daycare provider call out for them telling them that their child is sick, they will need to come rushing and still leave their work.

Less Quality Time To Bond With Parents
Certainly, when you work at daytime, you will be missing some quality time to be spent with your children. Every parent indeed knows that time being away from their children can’t be regained.

Poor Behavior Exposure
You can’t protect your child at all times forever. However, it will be very discouraging to observe children who acquire poor habits from other children at daycare. Young children can easily mimic the actions and words of others.

So, if you plan to place your child to daycare center, make sure to weigh the pros and cons of daycare first.

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