Pros and Cons of Deforestation


Humans are the only ones who brought damage to the nature. Forests have become extinct, natural flora was cleared for civilized lands, metropolitan areas and towns. Furthermore, industrialization has brought pollution to rivers, seas, and the entire atmosphere.

Knowing and understanding the pros and cons of deforestation may provide you the proper values towards helping in nurturing the nature instead of depleting it for the natural resources. So, if you are one of those people who are concerned about the situation of the natural environment, knowing where you stand about the issue of deforestation is important.



The Pros of Deforestation

Yes, there are countless cons to deforestation. However, this method is said to also provide some benefits that you would want to know. Some of the benefits offered by deforestation may include the following:

Reducing Of Carbon Dioxide Emission
Even though deforestation is never completely good, it holds some promising benefits that may in turn help the people. The direct purposes of deforestation have certain effects that can greatly contribute to the environment and the atmosphere. For instance, cutting of trees may enable the CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) to remain on them instead of converting it into emission within the air, which is similar in the case of rotten and dying trees.

Industrialization And Civilization Opportunities
Much of the huge parts of forests are left unused that could instead be converted into some more beneficial agricultural sites. In such a way, this will help in feeding hundreds and thousands of people who are starving to death. Few parts of these forests may also be used to make great infrastructures that will provide development to the booming economy, hence assisting the people economically as well.

Grazing Animals
This is also another ways that makes deforestation useful. With this method, it will be easier for people to find those extinct and possibly unknown animals that are hiding with the virgin forests.
Indeed, deforestation comes with a number of advantages. However, weighing properly the advantages and disadvantages of using deforestation must always be well thought out.



The Cons of Deforestation

As mentioned earlier, deforestation has innumerable disadvantages, which primarily include the following:

Introduction of Countless Environmental And Community Harms
Deforestation introduces innumerable environmental and community harms. The irreversible and abrupt consequences of global deforestation can certainly put the existence of people and the whole world at risk.

Domino Effect
Deforestation may lead to a domino effect to the whole world, which includes biodiversity extinction, indigenous people annihilation, and climate’s global change. One wrong move and it will lead people to a meaningless and empty world. The death of plant and animal life can lead to a partial human life loss. It may mean pollution and poverty. When things continue to be in this way, extinction of humans may also be unavoidable.

Even though this might not happen in just a blink of an eye, the chances are indeed greater when all the aspects contribute to damaging these forests. So, whatever you may think, make sure to weigh in the pros and cons of deforestation.