Pros and Cons of Eloping


Having a quiet marriage with just a couple of witnesses to some couples seems like the perfect ceremony. Instead of needing to spend a fortune on invitations, caterers, and all of the other requirements of the modern wedding, two people in love get married. There are some definite pros and cons to eloping. Here are some of the things to consider before you decide to tie the knot.

The Pros of Eloping

Eloping is incredibly cheap.
A marriage ceremony that is conducted elopement the a traditional wedding in every cost category there is. With the average cost of a traditional wedding exceeding $20,000 in some areas, that’s a lot of money that could be placed towards a honeymoon instead of a big party.

You get to call all of the shots.
A wedding might be all about you but family and friends tend to make a wedding all about them. Everyone tends to have an opinion that they want to share. Some people may have specific requirements that need to be met so that they can attend a wedding. Instead of worrying whether or not someone is going to like your wedding colors, a private ceremony will let you get married without any of the hassle.

There is an increased level of intimacy.
Any wedding ceremony brings about a number of memories that are treasured. Videos and photographs are one of the primary ways you relive the special moments in life. During the traditional wedding, the bridal party is often stressed for time because there are obligations that must be met throughout the day. During an elopement, there are no such obligations. Take your time and enjoy spending the day with someone you love.

The Cons of Eloping

Many of your family and friends will be disappointed.
Anyone who attends your wedding below will be considered a VIP. Because some family and friends will naturally not be there, they will feel inferior to the family and friends were able to be there for work directly invited by you. This creates a lot of hard feelings and some of these feelings don’t disappear for several years – if at all.

You don’t get many gifts.
Although a traditional wedding might cost a lot, a couple getting married will also receive a lot. When 100 guests show up and each has a wedding gift or a card with a check inside of it, that can get a couple off on the right financial foot. When you elope, you don’t get many gifts at all.

There is still stress.
It’s just a different kind of stress that a couple has when the elope. Instead of worrying about table placement or flower arrangements, couples worry about family perception and making sure they have all the legal documentation for their wedding. There is also the photographer or videographer to worry about as well.

Is eloping right for you? By weighing the pros and cons of this decision, you’ll be able to determine you are making the right choice.