Pros and Cons of Forest Fires

Pros and Cons of Forest Fires

Forest fires keep on occurring every year and even though people consider it something incredibly negative they are usually only negative whenever they get way out of control. When they are controlled and taken care of properly, they might do more good than harm. In order for us to understand forest fires a little bit better, we are going to look at the pros and cons of these occurrences.

List of Pros of Forest Fires

1. Decreases The Wastes on Forests
Forests have a lot of waste that ends up building up over time and these wastes can help create wildfires. If a large wildfire breaks out it might take weeks to control it and the damage it can cause is just too extensive to understand for us. Waste such as dead leaves on the ground can be pretty useful for wildfires to feed on and small forest fires just deal with these wastes properly without going out of control.

2. It Can Clear The Path for Sunshine
If vegetation grows a lot it might block the sun for other vegetation on the grown. If this vegetation on the ground doesn’t get any sunlight then it is not going to grow properly – as well know, plants need sunlight. Forest fires help sunlight get through after they destroy what is blocking it from reaching the ground, allowing other plants on the ground to grow.

3. Decreases the Amounts of Diseases
The forest has a lot of insects filled up with diseases that might grow out of proportion. If they do grow out of proportions, they just might end up spreading far enough so that the diseases reach our populations. Forest fires prevent them from growing out of proportions.

List of Cons of Forest Fires

1. It Might Get Out of Control
Even though we can usually control forest fires properly and make them do what we want and then put it out, fire is never predictable and if we fail to consider this or that factor, it can just get out of proportion. If this happens, then we are going to have a bad time trying to control the forest fire once again.

2. Contributes to Soil Erosion
As the soil burns down it destroys some of the qualities that this soil has. If the fire grows to proportions that are going to make a part of the soil die completely, then this is going to contribute to the total soil erosion of the territory.

3. Animal and Plant Species Can Be Lost
Animals and plants have no way to deal with wildfires – at least not like we do. This means that if a determined species isn’t protected from wildfires it is possible that we lose it entirely.