Pros and Cons of Interest Groups


Many people are having lots of questions about interest groups. Actually, interest groups are usually called as lobby groups, advocacy groups, pressure groups, special interest groups, and campaign groups. They utilize different forms of advocacy wherein it influences the public policy or opinion and they also play significant roles in the development of both social and political systems. These groups diverges motive, size, and influences. There are some groups who comes with wide ranging term in their social purposes and others usually concentrate and always response in the issues experienced by a lot of people.

The presence of interest groups is indeed a great idea due to the helpful benefits that it provides not only to a certain place but also to those people who are living there. Most of the time, they are searching for several purposes in making actions from shared commercial, religious, political, and moral positions. They use different processes in order to make their plan successful like having a very successful media campaign, polls, policy briefing, lobbying, research, and publicity stunts. There are times that some groups are being supported by their political interest, politics influence, powerful business, and other resources they have.

The Top 3 Pros of Interest Groups

Interest groups come with benefits such as:

1. Democratic process
They are contributing a helpful democratic process and protect a certain person alternative in daunting the majority. Through their democratic process, many people have the freedom to speak and express their opinions and suggestions.

2. Has the ability to motivate legislators
Interest groups can easily motivate the legislators in promulgating optimistically regarding their beliefs.

3. Provide positive solutions
Through their knowledge and skills, they can easily give positive solutions in the situational problems provided by the senate.

The Top 3 Cons of Interest Groups

However, interest groups are involved in some issues like:

1. Often seek for the minority of people
They usually seek for minority of the people than thinking for the goodness of majority.

2. Have one track mind
Because they have a one track mind, they only look and think about their personal opinions and not on the majority.

3. Performing serious crimes
There are news stating that interest group commit serious crimes such as bribery, corruptions, fraud, and a lot of more. They also face some cases that accuse them on giving threats to domestic extremists or social orders.

How Do You Feel About Interest Groups?

Even though interest groups provide lots of benefits, they also come with disadvantages that cause them to face serious cases. Many people were shock that they are found guilty in the crimes they committed. That’s why most of the people they helped are very disappointed to them.

With this information about the pros and cons of interest groups, you will see that this group can provide impressive advantages. But, because they make forbidden activities, majority of senate and people don’t believe on their opinions especially when they founded guilty on the crimes charged to them. So, what can you say about this matter then?