Pros and Cons of Marriage Equality

Pros and Cons of Marriage Equality

Marriage equality has become an issue that is nearly impossible to ignore. While there are many who believe that marriage should be strictly defined as an union between a male and a female, there are others who are more liberal and do not see the harm in allowing everyone to marry as they see fit. When an issue is this complex, it begs for a closer examination, so read on to learn more about the pros and the cons.

List of Pros of Marriage Equality

1. Equal Rights For All
Those who are in favor of marriage equality see this decision as one that is rather easy to make. Shouldn’t we want to live in a nation where all citizens have access to the same rights and privileges? Providing the same inalienable rights to all of our citizens is a goal that we should be proud to pursue.

2. Access To The Same Benefits
Couples who are not allowed to get married are not able to receive the same tax benefits as their straight counterparts. In many instances, an unwed couple is unable to adopt children. LGBT couples deserve to be able to get married, adopt children and receive the same level of protection under the law as straight couples and supporters believe that it is high time these rights were granted, marriage equality being chief among them.

3. Decrease In Psychological Toll
Imagine if you fell in love and you were unable to marry the person or you were forced to hide the relationship because of society’s stigma. It would probably take an immense psychological toll on you over the course of time, wouldn’t it? We should strive to live in a world where everyone is free to be with the person that they love most.

List of Cons of Marriage Equality

1. Child Rearing Issues
Studies have shown that same sex marriages are not always a conducive environment in which to raise a child. While some children are able to thrive without the declaration of traditional gender roles, there are others who will suffer over the long run.

2. Divorce Rates Are High
Statistically, a same sex relationship is more doomed to failure than one between two members of the opposite sexes and this is without the presence of marriage. This means that the divorce rates (which are already sky high) will only continue to climb higher as same sex couples decide to dissolve their unions.

3. Goes Against Belief Systems
There are those who believe that their tax dollars should only be spent when the causes align with their personal belief system. For a person whose religious beliefs oppose gay marriage, seeing a same sex couple receive tax breaks and adopt children can be a very bitter pill to swallow.