Pros and Cons of Monarchy


Just like in the fairy tales that you have read during your childhood, there are kings and queens, princes and princesses still today, found in monarch governments. While monarchy seems to perfectly work in certain countries, there are still a lot of issues being thrown to these royalty rulers.

The 6 Pros of Monarchy

Here are the advantages of monarchy:

1. Leadership Suitability
The heirs to the throne are being taught about the right ways of ruling as early as their childhood years while the usual politicians only learn about these when they are already young men and women.

2. Leadership Stability
The monarchs have life tenure. They are not subject to any election like the politicians that can only cause economical and political turmoil.

3. Nonpartisan Leadership
Monarchs are born to rule and they are not answerable to anyone. On the other hand, politicians need to win the elections and they also need to play a specific ideological crowd in order for the get the needed votes that can be of disadvantage to those who has opposing views. Also, politicians will need support of the wealthy benefactors who are hoping to get rewards once the politician wins.

4. Leadership Focus
Since they need not worry about losing in the election and their popularity, monarchs can focus more on running the country while thinking long term, and not short term as what politicians do.

5. The blame is Not Shared
Monarchs are not sharing the blame with or passing it to others once they make bad decisions in the same way that politicians do because is a one man while politicians are hundreds.

6. Family as State Model
Monarchs are considered as the nation’s father and his children are his subjects. Monarchy is one organic kind of human organization that everyone can easily relate to.

The 4 Cons of Monarchy

Here are the disadvantages of monarchy:

1. Lack of Democratic Accountability
Monarchs are no held accountable to people through ballot boxes once they fail to become effective leaders.

2. Lack of Democratic Legitimacy
The people do not vote for monarchs.

3. Excessive Power invested on a Single Persona
The monarchs are the supreme judicator, legislator and executor and though they are assisted by their advisors, it will still be them who have the final say in things. This is unlike politicians who share their power with any others and who worry about the way electors perceive them.

4. More Difficult to Change the Leadership Internally
Once the monarch is mentally ill, is an ineffective or poor leader, it will be difficult for others around him to oust him out of his position and get him replaced with a leader who is more effective. As elected oligarchy, the politicians do not share the same problem since they are subjected to elections and those who are ineffective can be prevented by the other politicians from acquiring excessive power.

How Do You Feel About Monarchy?

Do you think monarchy is advantageous or is it detrimental? How do you feel about monarchy?