Pros and Cons of Overfishing

Pros and Cons of Overfishing

Overfishing has long since been a debatable topic, both pro and con, and with strong arguments on . While there will always be two sides to this topic, it is good to consider all of the pros and all of the cons before you decide which side you stand on. This information is not all inclusive and you may well think of ideas or sides that we did not (or that we did not include), but being open minded allows for a good debate and understanding the real pros and cons to the topic of overfishing.

Fishing promotes good economic resources for people. In addition to feeding the masses, it allows for more jobs for fishermen, seafood shop owners, and others who are of the seafood industry. Seafood is a healthier option for food when it comes to our diets, and many more people over the last 20 years have started eating fish, which increases the need and attributes to overfishing. Fishing also helps keep on top of overpopulation. Fish can breed easily, and can cause an abundance of fish if it weren’t for fishermen. Those who are part of the seafood industry, whether it be a fisherman, boat captain, food service or otherwise, are able to learn a large variety of skills that can be added to their resume and career skills in other fields. Seafood has also become a staple for many economies over the world and the more demand that there becomes, the more supply that is needed. Coupled with vast and steady replenishment system fish have, supply and demand are easy to come by.

Every day, the number of animals in each species can be seen dying off from over hunting, economic growth other demands, and fish are not exempt from this. Over fishing causes a lack of sustainability, and when the fish are rarer or more sought after, this can cause a huge dent in their numbers and can cause troubles when fish try to repopulate. If numbers get too low, governmental regulations may put into place, or worse, we could see the extinction of a species. When the food chain is disrupted, all other animals that rely on that food chain have to adapt and change their characteristics. This can mean that fish and other sea life travel to regions they never were in before, or that animals that didn’t once hunt or attack each other may just have to do so to survive. The demand can also increase the pollution in our waters, the garbage that is accumulated, and can cause adverse effects on other sea life because of the pollution.

While there are many pros and cons, these are often the most thought of and recognized. Everyone has an opinion, and it is good to be thoughtful and considerate of everyone’s thoughts and opinions, and for them to be open minded in your siding as well. There are many good reasons that fishing in such amounts is good for the world, but there are just as many cons that do not support over fishing. It is time for you to be the judge.