Random Drug Testing In Schools Pros and Cons

Random Drug Testing In Schools Pros and Cons

There are some schools that have already implemented random drug testing and there are many more that will be doing so in the future. The claims are that this is for the safety of both the students being tested and the students that attend the same school. While this may or may not be true, there are some serious issues that will need to be addressed in the future.

Benefits of Random Drug Testing

On the pro side. There is nothing that can be harmful with peeing in a cup. The tests are supposed to be truly random and that will mean that there are no racial groups that are being targeted and the same is true for any other deliminator among people. At this moment, it is unsure what will happen to the students that test positive. There are schools that are taking direct disciplinary action and there are others that are simply advising the parents that a positive drug test was done on their child.

In order for these tests to be widely accepted and in order for them to remain in the positive eye of students and parents, there will need to be some finite rules laid down and these would have to be accepted by the parents prior to school attendance. Some questions that will come up will cover both what action will be taken when a test is positive and how will the test be given. A simple test for lice by a school nurse is more personally invasive than a urine test, but most accurate drug test that are given in the workplace involve someone watching the urine sample being taken and that can raise some serious questions.

Cons of Random Drug Testing

On the negative side are some of the same things that can be considered positive. There is not much to a drug test, but who is going to watch the students when they give a sample. If there is no one present during the process, a false sample can be given. Some workplace tests will involve a person leaving everything outside the bathroom and going in alone, but that leads to other questions about personal privacy.

Most adults have given up trying to fight for certain personal rights. They accept that they may get a drug test at work, they accept that under certain circumstances their personal property will be searched and they accept that in order to live the lives that they want, they have to make certain concessions. Is it time that the students start understanding the true nature of their personal liberties and do some of these things in school? Many schools now have metal detectors, make the use of drug dogs and have added many other security features. The larger the population, more controls have to added to help keep them safe.

It will be up to the people where the line gets drawn and when. There are many more luxuries that come with the lifestyle of than even ago. Things like the Internet and social media have made people less and less likely to act when the government makes certain changes to their liberties. They are more hard pressed to give up the things that life has provided.