4 Pros and Cons of Donating Blood

4 Pros and Cons of Donating Blood

Natural disasters and other tragedies are an unfortunate part of living on this planet, but thankfully, the human spirit is willing to contribute help and assistance to those that need it. When disaster strikes, one of the best ways of providing aid is by donating plasma. Plasma is a critical substance that’s present in blood, and if injuries or extreme problems occur, plasma is essential to providing a healthy treatment plan to those that need it. One of the easiest ways to provide plasma is through blood donations. Donations are very commonly present in many places in the country, and you yourself as an individual can help contribute by donating your own blood. While many people are very gung-ho about donating blood, it’s important to understand the pros and cons of donating blood.

List of Pros of Donating Blood

1. You’re Helping Others
One of the primary reasons why donating blood is so good is that you’re helping other people. Other people rely on plasma if they’re hurt or greatly injured, so by donating, you’re directly contributing to the solution that so many people need to literally stay alive. If you can take one thing away from your donation experience, come away from it with the confidence that you’re legitimately making a difference.

2. You Improve Your Glutathione Stores
Glutathione is a critical substance that is in your blood. This substance helps promote the ability of your ability to detoxify itself and it also allows your blood to remain healthy and stable. ‚ÄčOver time, your blood level glutathione‚Äč can get very high, and one of the only ways to remove it is by donating blood. When you give blood, you extract a decent amount of blood out of your body, causing your body to make up for this by producing more blood. This new plasma is often healthier and fuller as far as glutathione‚Äč is concerned.

List of Cons of Donating Blood

1. Disease Risk
One of the main cons of donating blood is the fact that you can sometimes contract a disease. While this is incredibly rare, the odds are similar to being struck by lightening, it can still happen. While modern blood donations standards have gotten a lot better, they still have a ways to go.

2. Some People Get Sick
Some people get very light-headed from donating blood. While it’s a good cause, this can sometimes be very uncomfortable for a lot of people.

Overall, consider donating blood, but understand there are some risks that come with doing so.