5 Interesting Facts About Amelia Earhart

5 Interesting Facts About Amelia Earhart

The mysteries that surround the disappearance of Amelia Earhart continue to this day. Even recently, a chunk of metal found out in the South Pacific is thought to be a component from her airplane. She is a leading figure for the independence and equality of women and she was the first woman to be awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross from the US Air Force. She’s often recognized as being the first woman to try to circle the world, but she is the first woman to fly across the Atlantic as a passenger. Here are some other interesting facts about Amelia Earhart.

1. It Was a Family Tradition

In the Earhart family, it was a tradition to name a child after the two grandfathers or grandmothers. Amelia Mary Earhart therefore got the two first names of her grandmothers. She was called “Meelie” when growing up, however, because her younger sister couldn’t get her full name pronounced correctly. The two of them had imaginary friends growing up, as most children do, but they also had a pair of imaginary horses that they liked to ride.

2. Her Dog Was Named Ferocious

The dog that Earhart had while growing up was given the name “James Ferocious.” He wasn’t really that mean of a dog and he loved his family. It was strangers that gave the poor pup some fits. James Ferocious could be unpredictable around people he didn’t know, so that’s how he gained the unique moniker.

3. Her Prenuptial Agreement Didn’t Involve Money

Earhart felt like getting married would be a foolish venture. She decided to go through with it anyway, but not before she got a prenuptial agreement in place. It wasn’t about money. Earhart was concerned about happiness. She made her husband promise to “let her go” after 12 months if they found no happiness together. As an extra requirement, she also demanded that they be able to be with other people if they so desired instead of having a “medieval code of faithfulness.”

4. She Was a Writer

Maybe it wasn’t by choice all of the time, but Earhart was a writer. After becoming a bit of a celebrity, Cosmopolitan magazine put her on staff as their aviation editor. She was also known to pen a poem or two when she needed to express and process her thoughts in a logical manner.

Earhart also had a lot of odd jobs. She worked as a social worker in Boston for some time, provided career advice, and even spent some time as a telephone operator.

5. Her Dad Was Afraid to Fly

The adventurous genes that Earhart got definitely came from her mother. Amy Earhart is actually famous in her own right. She was the first woman to climb Pike’s Peak in Colorado. As for her father, Edwin didn’t even like to fly. It was, in fact, her mother’s inheritance that helped to pay for Amelia’s first airplane. She got it just 6 months after her first flying lesson.