5 Interesting Facts About Andy Warhol

5 Interesting Facts About Andy Warhol

Andy Warhol is still known today for his extravagant personality and his ability to create unique works of art that could create a lasting impression on people. Many today know of his Campbell’s soup can painting, for example, but may not know that he actually created about 60 movies over the course of his career as well. Sometimes a controversial figure, these interesting facts about Warhol are certain to grab your attention.

1. Shot In the Chest

Andy Warhol was actually pronounced to be dead once. It happened after he was shot three times in the chest by a woman named Valerie Solanis. Solanis was a self-described ardent feminist and believed that Warhol’s behaviors were controlling and abusive. In her mind, the choices that Warhol made meant that he deserved to die. Unfortunately for her, Warhol’s attitude was much different than most people realized. He would often say that all anyone had to do was look at a painting of his and they’d get to know who we really was.

2. A Movie Made For Sleep

The first movie that Warhol ever made was called “Sleep.” When he premiered the movie, there were 9 people who came to the screening. Two of them left when they realized that the movie they were about to watch was 6 straight hours of watching one of Warhol’s friends actually sleeping. Two more left within the first hour of the movie, leaving a total of 5 people to watch the final conclusion. Some of his other more famous movies include “Closet,” “Kiss,” and “Eat.”

3. A Music Man

Warhol was also directly involved with the first project from The Velvet Underground. Not only did Warhol agree to do their album cover, but he also helped to produce their first album. He did so because the music had a slight edge to it, was considered a bit kinky, and many people wound up being initially shocked by the lyrics. It only furthered his reputation as an artist who wasn’t afraid to explore any part of the human soul.

4. That’s a Big Museum

The Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh is the largest museum in the United States that is dedicated to the work of just one artist. The art collection includes 17 different galleries, over 900 paintings, nearly 80 sculptures, and about 4,000 photographs. More than 25,000 people came to the museum on its opening week and about 100k visitors come to see it every year.

5. His Work Continues Today

When Warhol died, his will dictated that his estate should be auctioned so that a foundation could be created to promote the visual arts. About $20 million was raised during the auction and that helped to establish the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts. This foundation is still helping to promote the world of art that Warhol loved so much.

Andy Warhol had his own style and it led him to becoming one of the founders of the Pop Art movement. When he was excluded from his high school art class, he knew he would go on to create great things. He certainly didn’t disappoint.