5 Interesting Facts About Blake Shelton

5 Interesting Facts About Blake Shelton

When it comes to country music, one of its biggest names right now is Blake Shelton. Whether you know him because of The Voice or you’re just a big fan of “Honey Bee,” here are some interesting facts about this superstar.

1. An Unusual Pet

For some time, Shelton had a pet turkey that he named Turkey. In 2003, he even gave an interview where he discussed his desire to bring Turkey to an upcoming awards show. In his short life, Turkey got to see the state where he was born and live on Shelton’s property in Tennessee and reportedly got to travel to Arkansas once.

2. An Unusual Invitation

Shelton is one of the most established country superstars on Twitter. That means it would be only fitting for him to also be the first singer to ever be invited to join the Grand Ole Opry via Twitter. It happened in 2010 and Shelton was quick to answer back with an affirmative to the invitation.

3. An Unusual Pet Peeve

For Shelton, there are some things that you just don’t do. One of them is being under-dressed in a place that has some level of formality. He really hates it, for example, if someone appears at the Grand Ole Opry where a t-shirt and flip-flops. Shelton has often been on the record with other artists asking them to make sure their feet are covered for their performances.

4. An Unusual Job

Today Blake Shelton is a household name thanks to his presence on The Voice. Considering how much he hates reality shows, the fact that he took a job as a coach on the reality series is remarkable in itself. He once said that the only reality work he would ever do would be on the Outdoor Channel. Maybe he’s changed his mind since then.

5. An Unusual Mama

When Blake Shelton was named one of the sexiest men alive, it was his mother who was the most excited for him. Considering his mother put him into pageants when he was a young boy, it really isn’t that surprising. Shelton says that one of his signature hits while doing pageants was Cat Scratch Fever by Ted Nugent.

Blake Shelton has had a storied life that is about to have a new chapter written now with his announced relationship involving Gwen Stefani. Maybe the pages of this new chapter can present even more interesting facts to discuss.