5 Interesting Facts About Cinco de Mayo

5 Interesting Facts About Cinco de Mayo

The 5th of May is a holiday that celebrates Mexico’s victory over French forces during the Battle of Puebla. Many use it as an excuse to eat large amounts of Mexican food, consume several cocktails, and have a great party. These interesting facts about Cinco de Mayo will help you to enjoy the holiday a little bit more.

1. One More Avocado Please

Americans love eating guacamole on Cinco de Mayo for some reason. It’s the largest single day of avocado purchases that happens in the US. Up to 81 million of them are going to be consumed over the course of the day. If you live in Chandler, AZ then make sure you enjoy your guacamole with a side of Chihuahua racing.

2. A Short Lived Victory

The reason why Mexico doesn’t celebrate the holiday as vividly as others is because they know what happened the next Spring. The French came back to Puebla, defeated the Mexican army, and captured over 17,000 officers and troops. Mexico City and Puebla celebrate the day with grandeur, but the rest of the nation typically sees the date as just another plain old boring day.

3. A Confederate Defeat

The reason why Cinco de Mayo is more of an American holiday is because it changed the tides of the Civil War. France was coming into Mexico as a way to provide support to the Confederacy. Their defeat at the Battle of Puebla created a blockage in the supply chain that made it impossible, allowing the North to gain the upper hand.

4. The Spanish Don’t Celebrate It

The modern Cinco de Mayo has become a global celebration of sorts, but not in Spain. The Spanish had their own run-ins with the French over the years and they prefer to celebrate their own victory against them. They celebrate Dos de Mayo to commemorate a key victory that occurred in 1808.

5. Have Some Tequila

Margaritas are a common cocktail of choice on Cinco de Mayo, as is some Mexican beer, but tequila should be the drink of choice. Margaritas weren’t even invented when the Battle of Puebla occurred.

Cinco de Mayo has become a fun event that many around the world celebrate with a drink or two, some guacamole, and some good times. Don’t forget to vote for the king and queen of the Chihuahua races as you celebrate.