5 Pros and Cons of Artificial Sweeteners

5 Pros and Cons of Artificial Sweeteners

Many people assume that when they have a sweet tooth, it’s better to opt for a choice that has less calories as it will prevent the production of fat. This is why artificial sweeteners have become one of the most popular methods for ingesting sweet foods on a regular basis. Unfortunately, artificial sweeteners don’t always offer an alarming amount of benefits.

List of Pros of Artificial Sweeteners

1. Calorie-Free
With more people being concerned about their weight and living healthier lives, it has put them in a position where they are looking for alternatives to their regular sugary sweets. With artificial sweetener you will have the ability to cut out the extra calories and still get something sweet. This is why a variety of weight loss drinks and snacks have artificial sweeteners in their list of ingredients.

2. Safe for Pregnancy
When you’re pregnant there are a wide variety of different items that you will have to stop eating, but artificial sweetener isn’t one of them. There have been several studies conducted that prove pregnant women can use them without worrying about adverse side effects. If you’re looking to change your diet or if you’re adjusting your food for diabetes, artificial sweetener is useful.

3. Easily Accessible
Above all, finding artificial sweeteners is incredibly simple as they are so popular. There are several brands that create products that you can use as a substitute for regular sugar. Not only are they easily accessible, but also they are affordable.

List of Cons of Artificial Sweeteners

1. Imitation Sugar
Just like the name suggests, artificial sweetener is fake. This can be relatively unappealing for people that have a sensitive palate, as you can taste an artificial aftertaste once you’ve consumed it. You might also find that they can alter the texture of your baked goods when you use it instead of regular sugar.

2. Tricking the Body
One topic that has been discussed in the health community is whether artificial sweetener is actually useful for losing weight or not. According to studies, consuming artificial sweetener instead of sugar tricks your body into believing that you are consuming natural sweets. Unfortunately, once it is processed through your system your body realizes that it isn’t the real sugar that it has been craving. This leads to people consuming more fatty treats and forcing their body to gain more weight than if they were to just eat sweets in moderation or not at all.