6 Pros and Cons of Articles of Confederation

6 Pros and Cons of Articles of Confederation

The main purpose of the Articles of Confederation was to create a government that would inevitably rule against the British government. Introduced in November 15th, 1777 it was a document that would change the way that the United States of America would exist over the coming years. Today, it’s one of the main reasons as to why residents have powerful freedom.

List of Pros of Articles of Confederation

1. Protecting Citizens and Residents
Some of the largest concerns that residents of America had in the past was the treatment that they received from the British government. The Articles of Confederation implemented a set of guidelines that would forever protect residents against the cruel act of ruling that the American people had to live with.

2. Creating Cohesion
In the past, all of the states within the United States were separate entities and after the Articles of Confederation were introduced, they united together. This is because they all received a mutual benefit of not being governed by the unlawful acts of the British government. It also helped to create a united front to go against Britain and the American government received the power to declare war.

3. Bettering the Lives of Individuals
Another important thing to consider is that the Articles of Confederation gave people the ability to find better lives throughout the country. They were given the ability to have freedom to trade, move, and engage in transactions with residents of different states.

List of Cons of Articles of Confederation

1. Weak and Insufficient Power
With the creation of the Articles of Confederation, it created a new government that had the idea that they would be able to rule the entire country. Unfortunately there wasn’t a sufficient infrastructure, which inevitably led to the government being weak and not having enough power.

2. Suffering with Debt
When the Articles of Confederation were created, people were more concerned about ensuring that residents had freedom than with how the government was going to survive. This inevitably put the country in an insurmountable amount of debt as a result of being unable to collect taxes. This is a direct result of residents refusing to provide their support for paying taxes, leaving them unenforced.

3. Poor Military Programs
The most important part of running a country is to make sure that you have a great military program. Unfortunately the Confederation was only able to produce a single militia in the colonies. With a lack of financial support and training, soldiers didn’t have the necessary equipment to build a substantial military force.