6 Pros and Cons of Arranged Marriages

6 Pros and Cons of Arranged Marriages

In different countries around the world, arranged marriages are accepted and seen as normal, whereas in Western societies they can seem harsh and difficult to live with. There are a variety of pros and cons associated with arranged marriage both in countries that support it and countries that don’t.

List of Pros of Arranged Marriage

1. Having a Better Future
With an arranged marriage, parents are able to ensure that their children will have a great future with someone that will support them both financially and emotionally. Before being married, the couples are given a sufficient amount of time to get to know one another and to date. Parents will be able to prescreen individuals to determine if they are the right match for their children.

2. Creating a Larger Family
When there is an arranged marriage in play, both the parents of the bride and the parents of the groom will come together in union. This essentially creates a larger family in a way that is different from traditional marriages in Western societies. For people that are interested in having a larger family, arranged marriage can be beneficial.

3. Falling in Love
It’s quite often that people in an arranged marriage inevitably fall in love with each other as a result of their parents knowing who would make the best match for their children. This gives couples the strong foundation of love that they need in order to have a successful relationship.

List of Cons of Arranged Marriage

1. High Rate of Divorce
Although there are many individuals that have successful arranged marriages, there is a high rate of divorce to take into consideration. This may be as a result of people falling in love and thinking that it’s forever within the first couple of years. As each person changes, the relationship can be more difficult to deal with.

2. Eliminating Trust
Even if you have a reasonable amount of time to date someone before getting married, it’s not a 100% science that you will establish a sufficient amount of trust in that person. Arranged marriages might not give each individual the level of trust that they need to stay happy in their relationship.

3. Forcing Marriages on Children
One of the main concerns that people in arranged marriages have is the fact that they don’t have a choice with whom they are going to marry. Although there might be the ability for divorce in the future, their first marriage will always be at the discretion of their parents. This can set the relationship off on the wrong pretenses and end up in failure.