6 Pros and Cons of Divorce


Dissolution of marriage or divorce can be heartbreaking or a joyous experience. Divorce can be devastating for some and pleasantly life altering for others. It depends on how a marriage was or is. Not many people opt for a divorce casually. There are some who don’t think through and are perhaps not mature enough. For most people, there are compelling reasons to divorce.

There are several divorce pros and cons. It is necessary everyone contemplating the dissolution of marriage consider the practical benefits and challenges.

List of Pros Of Divorce

1. Divorce is another word for freedom.
Married couples or spouses in a heartless, joyless and painful relationship can feel caged. For many, it is akin to being imprisoned. Lifelong imprisonment is a painful punishment, one that is not what people sign up for while getting married. Divorce is the license to regain freedom. In this context, divorce is empowering, uplifting and desirable. In many cases, divorce is necessary.

2. Divorce can be the gateway to myriad opportunities.
The opportunity to find someone better, to fall in love and be in a better relationship, the chance to explore new career options, to do what one has always wanted to do and to renew life in an unprecedented way.

3. Divorce is the legitimate way to end unhappy marriages.
It can thus become a gateway to joy. A person who is in a sad marriage or in an exploitative marriage which is worse must be willing to let go of it and move on. Everyone has the right to be happy, to live life according to one’s own wish and anything that is limiting or painful must be bid adieu to. Divorce is the answer in such cases.

List of Cons Of Divorce

1. Divorce is another word for freedom but it is also a term that means you might live your life alone.
Divorce is necessary in abusive relationships or when one spouse exploits another. But in cases where divorce is not absolutely necessary for healthy survival, it doesn’t always mean that life after divorce would be better. One may not find love, one may not find happiness and one may not be able to live life the way one wants or thought was possible before the divorce.

2. Divorce is a financial risk.
Divorce is costly, unless a spouse makes windfall gains at the cost of a fortune for the other spouse. Average couples will struggle after divorce, especially if both earned just about enough to collectively run a prosperous household.

3. Divorce is almost always unfair and unkind towards kids.
Divorce is often unkind towards everyone else who one has met through and after marriage. The immediate families, relatives, friends and social circles also get divorced in the process.