7 Pros and Cons of Disposable Diapers

7 Pros and Cons of Disposable Diapers

Millions of parents choose disposable diapers and there are millions who opt for reusable homemade diapers. Just as using reusable diapers is a painstaking chore, there are disposable diapers pros and cons as well. Let us discuss the merits and demerits.

List of Pros of Disposable Diapers

1. Lightweight
Disposable diapers are light and more compact than reusable diapers. Disposable diapers are more conveniently portable due to their size and weight. Reusable diapers can result in an oddly heavy pile. Storing disposable diapers is easier because of the same reason. They take very little space so you can just have one tiny corner to pile them up.

2. Comfort
Disposable diapers are more comfortable than reusable diapers. There is some debate pertaining to this advantage because some brands of disposable diapers don’t use very comfy materials. The best ones available out there are more comfortable than the reusable options. Babies don’t like heavy clothes and reusable materials are heavier.

3. Absorbent
Disposable diapers manage moisture better than reusable diapers. They don’t allow the wetness to get in touch with the skin of the baby. Reusable diapers tend to become heavy and don’t really hold back moisture at any level that effectively. Hence, disposable diapers are more hygienic. Disposable diapers have special pouches that can keep moisture withheld keeping the rest of the diaper dry.
Disposable diapers are so called because they are use and throw.

4. Low Maintenance
You don’t need to worry about washing them, caring for them, drying them and all other maintenance hassles that come with using perennial clothing. Parents can save a whole lot of time by using disposable diapers. Since parents are anyway under duress, particularly stressed for time, it makes a world of sense to avoid using the tedious reusable diapers.

List of Cons of Disposable Diapers

1. Costly
Disposable diapers are expensive. The better quality you want, the more you shall pay. The most comfortable eco friendly ones that can withhold a lot of moisture will cause a dent in the wallet of most people who earn an ordinary living.

2. Environmentally Unfriendly
Disposable diapers, even those that are made of eco friendly material, pose a threat to the environment. Disposing off the diapers take all the organic waste into the garbage bin and you don’t really have control over what happens thereon. With reusable diapers, you know the organic waste will find its way to the sewers.

3. Quality
There are poor quality disposable diapers, which may be reasonably priced but would have chemicals, undesirable gels to mask the smell of wee, there is a risk of various types of infections and there is always the risk of not knowing if the baby needs a diaper change.