Advantages and Disadvantages of Genetic Engineering


Genetic engineering referrs to the practice of adding new DNA to living things in order to create traits that would have not naturally existed. It has gotten much attention lately, this is because there are people that believe you should not interfere with what naturally happens in nature. Genetic engineering has many benefits, but some drawbacks too.

The Advantages of Genetic Engineering

1. With genetic engineering, most of the diseases and illnesses can easily be prevented through isolating the exact gene that causes them.

2. There are also infectious diseases that can be treated with the use of genetic engineering. This is done by implanting the genes that are associated with antigen and antiviral proteins.

3. The most desirable traits of certain organisms can be pin pointed and integrated into other organism’s DNA.

4. Genetic engineering has the ability to increase the genetic diversity as well as produce variant alleles that can be implanted to other species. It is also possible to change the heredity of the wheat plants and grow insulin.

The Disadvantages of Genetic Engineering

1. There are scientists who believe that the existence of hereditarily modified genes can have an irreversible effects and associated consequences.

2. Genetic engineering can hinder the moral issues particularly in religion. They also wonder if man has the ability and right to influence the course and law of nature.

3. There are also professional scientists who manipulated the so called genetic sequence to obtain the main purpose of human reproduction organs that are intended for health purposes.

4. The process of genetic engineering is quite tricky and risky process and you need to gather a wide variety of information before attempting to engage in the process of genetic engineering.

The genetic engineering process involves gene and chromosome that has the ability to control the body characteristics. The bacteria that is present in the human body has the potential to live healthy life however with the help of Genetic engineering, human intervention can actively manipulated and the existence of bacteria can easily determined.

Keeping yourself educated about all aspects of genetic engineering can help you to form your own opinion on the matter.