Advantages and Disadvantages of Social Networking


Social networking is very common these days and has tremendous affects and influence over the lives of many people. The debate about social networking has emerged all over the world. There are some who are against it but there are also a lot of people who are in favor of it. How about you? What is your opinion about this trending worldwide issue? Here, you’ll be able to grasp some details of advantages and disadvantages of social networking, so start with the list of its advantages:

Disadvantages of Social Networking

1. Social networking can take a lot of your time and can hold you back from engaging in other important activities such as family bonding.

2. Many people use social networking as their only form of communication. Wishing happy birthdays on walls instead of in person or over the phone.

3. It can cause a great barrier between those people who have access to the internet and to those people who don’t.

4. Your privacy is in big jeopardy because of social media and can affect your dignity and pride as a person.

5. Social networking can tremendously affect the public policy and may cause a lot of changes.

6. It can also become a way to destabilize the government and a means for advance form of terrorism.

7. It can be used to promote crime.

8. It is a perfect venue for act of bullying which is very evident these days.

9. It can become a vector to ruin the structure of a particular language. People post a lot of comments and thoughts and because of the time factor they tent to simplify the language which can lead to a serious language issue.

10. It can hold back a person from moving on freely if they encountered a bad experience through social networking. Say for instance a person is a victim of social networking bullying.

So there, you got some of its disadvantages. Now, keep reading and get ready to grab the list of its advantages.

Advantages of Social Networking

1. It helps people to keep in touch with their relatives and friends from a distance in a very convenient manner.

2. Social networking is a perfect way to promote products and services.

3. It can be a perfect medium to for someone who expresses themselves over the internet.

4. Social Networking can be a good way to help charitable works or charities to deliver their needs to help other people.

5. Social networking is a powerful search engines for those who wants to seek job locally and abroad.

6. It can be a means to counteract organized crime or perhaps terrorism.

7. Social networking can be a perfect way to look for partners, dates or people can even utilize it in looking for lost pets and relatives.

8. It can leverage political will for bodies that want to become more exposed publicly.

9. People who are searching for thoughts and ideas about a certain topic can use social networking as well to solicit possible answers.

The scope of advantages and disadvantages of social networking is actually vast. Its importance and negative impact on the society will deeply depend on the person who utilize it and to the person who deals with it. Social networking is just a medium. It shouldn’t shoulder the entire fault.