Advantages and Disadvantages of Solar Power

Advantages and Disadvantages of Solar Power

Nowadays, the threat from global warming is tremendously scaring a lot of people. The search for an alternative way or energy solutions are becoming more popular these days. The importance of replacing the energy provided by burning fossil fuels is really a must thing to do to reduce the rapid climate change. The best solution seen by a lot of scientists at present is the use of the solar power to alleviate the issue on climate change. It is important for everyone to be aware of the advantages and disadvantages of solar power in order for them to come-up with a better idea whether to adapt this kind of energy solution or to look more for other alternatives. Here, feel free to raise your awareness about this trending worldwide topic these days.

Disadvantages of Solar Power

Space Requirement – If it will be used in commercial purposes, it will require a lot of space – a huge land area to provide all the needed energy by a particular company.

Cost Requirement – Apparently, solar panels can cost you a lot and using this kind of technology or energy source alternative can be a big pain in your pocket. Though recently, it became more substantially cheaper, nuclear technology and gas are still cheaper than this alternative so it would still be practical to use those energy sources for many.

Effectiveness and Efficiency – From the word solar power itself, this energy alternative greatly relies on the sunlight that will be only acquired through a good weather condition. Meaning, there is a big risk to have an inefficient and ineffective power source since the weather today is really unpredictable.

Durability – basically, you will put the solar panel outside your home for better angle to get the required sunlight needed. You cannot install it inside so it is very susceptible for breaking most especially during high winds and heavy rains.

Advantages of Solar Power

Cost and Design Improvement – Nowadays, it is getting more durable, reliable and cheaper because of a higher demand on a global scale.

Innovation – The solar panel designs are getting more compact, sleeker, and the innovation plus its designs rapidly evolved for the past couple of years.

User-Friendly Installation – The installation process of it is now becoming user friendly. You can DIY the installation provided with the manual and the blueprint of the installation.

More Powerful System – Developers of solar panels including its system have come-up to answer the issue of its effectiveness. The system of this energy alternative is now better. It could save more energy so that whenever there are some bad weather issues you still have a reserve of energy that you need.

Saving Mother Nature – Using this kind of energy alternative can reduce your carbon foot print and your energy consumption from gas. Moreover, you will become an agent of change because of utilizing this energy system.

Being aware of the current status of the environment can open your eyes to a wider point of view of using eco friendly energy alternatives. However, if you have some disputes about the solar power, you are free to express it. Using this kind of energy alternative is just a matter of opinion and taste. What is important is at least you gain awareness about the advantages and disadvantages of solar power.

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