Arctic Refuge Drilling Controversy

Arctic Refuge Drilling Controversy

Drilling for oil on the Coastal Plain of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge is one of the great controversies that people are debating with over the past decade. This issue has been already used as a political device by both Democrats and Republicans but it still remains in the subject for debate. The debate that is running for over the years is whether to drill or not the area of ANWR, it has 19 million acre preserve located in the northern Alaska. According to the survey of United States Geological Survey there could be an estimated of 7.7 billion barrels of oil underneath the surface of the refuge.

Why Is This A Conflict?

Some of the group of people that are involved in the debate have their own views regarding the economy, land and the natural resources. The conflicts that run in the Arctic Refuge Drilling are because of the possibility that the Coastal plain may contain the best remaining prospects for oil discovery in the USA and the other is the Refuge contains some of the wilderness in the country. There are some who agree with the drilling but there are still some who are still not amazed with that kind of idea.

The controversy has gain opinions and insights that make it as one of the most running debated issues in Alaska. Some of the Alaskan agreed with the benefits that drilling in ANWR but there are still some who say that it will just cause disaster. Some stated that America is not yet prepared for the drilling in ANWR, and that they did not believe that it will solve the energy crisis that is happening.

Upon those negative thoughts there are also some who have positive opinion about the controversy. Some people who agreed in the plan believe that drilling in ANWR is a lot of help. It can be a better step that will help in boosting domestic production and developing domestic oil resources can greatly solve the problem of road blocking. There might be some supporters of this project and there will some who are not totally in favor of it.

What is Drilling Refuge?

Drilling Refuge is created for the sake of helping others resolve some problems regarding environmental concerns. To reduce the wide spreading controversial issue it is important to clear all the things regarding the issues, there should be proper outputs of the plan, and the budget to be used on It. is also necessary to state all the helpful benefits that people should know with the purpose of drilling refuge in Arctic. With all the negative opinions from the people it should always be at first hand show the positive side of drilling than those of the negative ones to make proper decision. The drilling plan can take a long process; it should be properly plan and created to avoid any problems in the future. The people that should work on it should be those who have a full expertise and enough knowledge that can lead to a better result.

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