Bottled Water Pros and Cons


Bottled was has been growing in popularity for many years now. People seem to prefer the taste and convenience that bottled water can offer. It is purified and safe to drink water that is put into plastic or glass bottles and sealed. It is a good beverage choice for hydration and many other health benefits. While water is undeniably great for you, what about the whole bottled part? Let’s take a look at the effects that bottled water has.

The Pros of Bottled Water

On The Go Hydration
Bottled water offers the option of drinking water anywhere. They are portable, can be sealed, and are very durable. This makes them ideal for traveling, working out, or virtually any activity where you may need a drink of water.

Easily Stored
The fact that it doesn’t expire and is very easily stored makes bottled water ideal for disaster and emergency situations. It is always a good idea to keep some bottled water stored in a safe place just in case.

Great Taste
Most people would agree that bottled water tastes exponentially better than water from a tap. This is due to the purification processes that the bottled water goes through before you drink it, unlike tap water.

Safer To Drink
Bottled water is safe to drink because it has been tested for all sorts of bacteria and chemicals before being bottled. Tap water can easily become contaminated and lead to severe illnesses, especially in developing countries.

The Cons of Bottled Water

High Cost
The costs of purifying, bottled, advertising, transporting, and storing bottled water trickles down to the cost of the water itself. Bottled water is significantly more expense than the cost of drinking tap water.

Chemicals In Plastic
Most bottled waters contain chemicals, like BPA, in the plastic. These chemicals often seep into the water, meaning you are consuming them. The risk is greatly increased if the water is stored in hot areas or areas with direct sunlight.

Often No Different
The fact of the matter is, that many bottled waters, are in fact just filtered tap water. This is a troubling fact for many people, but it has been proven time and time again. Majority of bottled waters are bottled at the same factories that are producing soft drinks, and using the same water.

No Fluoride
Fluoride is a substance that the government adds to tap water, it helps to protect your teeth from tooth decay and other dental problems. Bottled water is not required to have fluoride in it, and often does not.

In The End

Bottled water certainly has it’s place in today’s society. It makes staying hydrated on the go a breeze. People should, however, begin to lessen their dependency on bottled waters and again become accustomed to the simplicity and taste of tap water.