Biomass Pros and Cons

Biomass Pros and Cons

The Biomass is a kind of an organic matter that comes from animals, microorganisms and plants. The process that usually stores energy from the light of sun into plants is known as photosynthesis. Most of the animals obtain this kind of energy by eating those plants. The wastes like garbage, manure and crops are considered as the ideal source of the so-called biomass fuel.

Biomass has a wide variety of uses that include ability to produce electricity with the presence of steam turbine. You can also make use of it to make other biofuels, biodiesel and methane gas. If you are one of those individuals who want to know more about the essence of Biomass in your daily life, then this is the perfect time for you to read and learn a lot of things about the pros and cons of biomass.



The Pros of Biomass

Here are some of the benefits that you must know about the Biomass:

1. Renewable. The main source of biomass comes from garbage, manure and crops and when you convert this crop, you can generate fuel. Renewing of fuel can take for a couple of months. However, it is worth waiting for.

2. Carbon Neutral. This is considered as one of the significant advantages of biomass energy since it is one part of the carbon cycle. The carbon that is present in the atmosphere can be absorbed by plants particularly during the process of photosynthesis. When a certain plant is burnt and decays, the carbon will go back into atmosphere. The biomass fuels don’t affect the global warming since the biomass fuels are absolutely clean and safe to use.

3. Cost Effective. The energy that comes from biomass fuel is inexpensive that the fuel that comes from oil and coal. When you make use of biomass fuel, you can save for about one-third compared to the fossil fuels. It simply means that you can make use of the one-third of the biomass fuel that you have saved to heat your home.

4. Abundant. It is a fact that biomass is widely available in huge quantities worldwide. The large pipelines are also available across the country oceans and borders all around the world.



The Cons of Biomass

Here are some of the issues and problems about the Biomass:

Expensive. The extraction for biomass is very expensive. There are areas in the world that attempt to construct a biomass projects. Unfortunately, most of them are not finished due to its high cost. The storing and harvesting of a wide variety of biomass is also expensive.

It Requires Space. If you are planning to construct the harnessing of the different types of biomass energy, the first thing that you need to consider is a big space since the tools and equipment that are used in biomass production must also be large.

How Do You Feel About Biomass?

It is a fact that the existence of biomass energy is considered as one of the potential replacements for the so-called fossil fuels. The excellent benefits that you will encounter in biomass energy will play a vital role in the future years.

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