Pros and Cons of Dropping the Atomic Bomb


In August of 1945 the decision was made to drop an Atomic bomb on Japan. The two cities that where hit where Hiroshima and Nagasaki, both of which have become pillars of history and examples of the destruction that these bombs can cause. The reason that the bombs where dropped was the end the second World War, but many argue that the dropping of the Atomic bomb in Japan was completely unnecessary and cruel. Over 80,000 innocent people where killed. Let’s examine closer the series of events and things that came from the dropping of the Atomic bomb.

Pros of Dropping the Atomic Bomb

1. It prevented a massive amount of United States civilians from possibly losing their lives, along with soldiers.

2. The drop of atomic bomb triggered Japan to surrender and this ended the war faster.

3. It showed to the rest of the world that America is superior because of their possession of Atomic weapons.

4. This incident saves thousands of lives of American soldiers.

5. Talks of peace where much easier to develop due to the fear the bomb dropping caused the rest of the world.


Cons of Dropping the Atomic Bomb

Dropping the atomic bomb also brings out various unwanted effects that affect the welfare of many individuals. The cons of dropping the atomic bomb include the following:

1. When other countries realized that America held this type of power, they began the race to develop their own.

2. Thousands of innocent Japanese people died from the impact of the bomb, millions more where affected by the residual radiation.

3. Millions of dollars where spent to develop and effectively test the Atomic bomb.

4. Many cities had already been completely destroyed from fire bombing, people believed it was unnecessary to drop the atomic bomb.

5. Japan was very close to surrendering anyways, dropping of the bomb added insult to injury in a major way.

6. It created a great amount of animosity and anger between the two nations, that still exists today.

7. No one can control the means on how the bomb caused devastation and the people that will be killed.

8. The incident has revealed the power that a nuclear weapon can do giving them the idea to utilize this weapon for battle.

America and the government justified the dropping of the Atomic bomb by instilling fear into the citizens of the country. A Japanese invasion was greatly feared, and a real possibility at the time. This was seen as the most effective way of preventing that from happening.