Dream Act Pros and Cons


The Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors Act or DREAM Act is offering a pathway for thousands of young illegal immigrants by providing green cards to come to the United States. This program has gained quite a bit of attention since it was first implemented. People argue that this will cause an over burdening on our economy to support illegal immigrants. Other say that it represents everything America stands for. There are valid points to be heard from both sides of this argument.



DREAM Act Pros

1. Many illegal immigrants get the chance to stay in US without a strict path to citizenship.

2. Additional tax revenues will be generated from both employees and employers as employment opportunities and jobs become open.

3. Immigrants will be able to rely on the justice system of America in terms of protecting wronged individuals and holding illegal immigrants accountable. They will now fear of becoming parts of the system because of possible deportation.

4. This values strong family ties. It is inhumane to break families that have already built their lives in America.

5. The DREAM Act might be an advantage to the economy of US because immigrants can now fill and take jobs that many Americans do not want to have. Security resources focusing on illegal immigrants can now be redirected to finding and tracking terrorists.

6. This act brings freedom and a pathway towards self sufficiency that is not really available to millions of individuals who are not luckily born in the US.

7. DREAM Act helps economy and according to a recent study, students who are impacted by the act can add trillions in taxable income to the economy.

8. This act offers amazing return of money and can help the country prepare and invest for global economy.



DREAM Act Cons

1. DREAM act somehow gives immigrants the power to break the law.

2. This act seems to be unfair for individuals who have complied with the rules and requirements in their desire for citizenship.

3. Countless immigrants will be flooding in before the law takes effect.

4. This act will add millions of individuals who will utilize government resources like health care, education and social security while paying low taxes or no taxes at all. The government deficits that are beyond control can further lead to bankruptcy.

5. The DREAM Act further erodes American culture and English language in the US.

6. This would probably take away jobs from American citizens and will drive down salaries or wages of jobs that are left behind.

7. This legislation is viewed to create invasion of voters supporting lawmakers and president who gave them the citizenship at the expense of remaining citizens.

8. The implementation of this act might lead to overcrowding or overpopulation in American cities.

9. Drug dealers, terrorists and foreign enemies might exploit any amnesty policy or open border set in place.

The DREAM Act pros and cons will continuously be talked upon as the curiosity and enthusiasm of many people rise.