Electoral College Pros and Cons


The electoral college is an integral part of our political system in America. Understanding exactly what it does, how it has changed, and the problems it causes can be difficult. There are powerful arguments for both sides of this argument, and each has very valid points to make. Giving yourself a better understanding of the Electoral College will help you to form your own opinion on the matter.


Electoral College Pros

The following are believed to be the advantages of this highly debated upon system:

1. Electoral College promotes a two-party system of governance.

2. This filters votes so in events of regional antagonism, there will be a reliable and reasonable solution.

3. Electoral College also offers a framework for establishing and organizing campaigns.

4. Another advantage of Electoral College is a reform or change in constitution.

5. Candidates are encouraged to view the country as a whole. This also softens the walls between tight races which are highly evident these days.

6. Candidates with lower percentage of popular vote can still have the chance for a considerable success in Electoral College. This will lead to great consensus impression that is essential for subsequent governing.

7. Electoral College aids in directing power to the states and without this system, it would be more centralized.

8. Other pros of Electoral College include certainty of the results, discouragement of third parties and more.

9. Electoral College also plays essential contribution in keeping states as vital part in the selection process for presidency.

10. This system also makes small states as viable participants.

11. The Electoral College offers selected candidate with a majority.



Electoral College Cons

1. One of Electoral College cons is the discrepancy between numbers of voters and number of electoral votes creating possibility to lose popular votes and win the Electoral College.

2. Electoral College is a complicated and undemocratic system as viewed by some. This skews significance only on sparse and small populated states.

3. Though Electoral College functions perfectly, there is still the tendency of unnecessary delay to the system. There are also instances that the money needed to run this system is wasted.

4. There is the possibility of fraud among electors. Members of Electoral College may refuse to vote the way they should be.

5. There is also the possibility that winner of popular vote might lose.

6. The Electoral College is being disliked by several voters. One disadvantage is having a bad feeling that their votes will not count.

7. This system provides undue power to chosen “swing states.”

8. A candidate loses the popular vote but can still win the election. This is said to be undemocratic for the reason that it goes in contradiction of majority voters.

Different people do not have the same insights and opinion about the Electoral College but, regardless of the differences of their stands, this system remains to be an important part of states.