Pros and Cons of Electric Cars


The chance of owning an electric car is now possible however, you have to decide carefully if you really have to own one or not. There are massive wave of electric cars offered in the market these days but owning this phenomenal car is associated with ups and downs. It is essential for individuals who have desire to end up with the best car to assess pros and cons of electric cars before making a final decision. Here is a list of pros and cons of electric cars that you have to look upon to:



Electric Cars Pros

Zero Emission
It is true that vehicle poses effect to air quality. With countless cars present on the road, eliminating emission from cars is an excellent move to protect the environment. Electric cars guarantee zero emission and these are recognized as eco-friendly cars.

Fast Acceleration
Electric cars have really smooth and fast acceleration. You can always get ahead when you need to with just a light touch on the pedal for incredibly fast and effortless glide.

Gas is Not Required
The biggest and most significant advantage of electric cars is zero gas requirements because these cars function without burning gasoline. This only means that you are not contributing to air pollution and global warming because of car exhaustion. Since these cars require no gas, your trips to gasoline stations are also being reduced.

Quick and Quiet Operation
Electric cars do not have rumbling engine noise when driving. These cars are very smooth and quiet. Another interesting thing about this car is the high torque. Step on the power and accelerator is delivered and facilitated instantly to the wheels providing a convenient driving experience.

Less Maintenance
Owning a car is associated with the responsibility of maintaining it. Regular cars require frequent maintenance but this is not the case in electric cars. These cars do not suffer same level of stress as traditional combustion engine acquire. Electric cars do not require frequent oil changes and other regular maintenance.



Electric Cars Cons

It may seem that electric cars are perfect but individuals have to note that these cars also display some setbacks. The cons of electric cars are as follows:

Limited Range
The batteries of electric cars do not usually allow cars to travel 100 miles or more. This makes these cars not suitable for distant road trip because there is the tendency to stop for few hours for charging purposes.

Higher Price Tag
The cost of electric cars is definitely higher compared to regular cars.

Charging Cost and Challenge
Charging the cars’ battery can be an added strain to your pocket. You will allocate a part of your earning for the payment of your monthly electric bill. When you buy an electric car, you need to have a charging station at home. Though charging on regular outlet is a possible option, this is not really that ideal because charging is so slow.

Knowledge about pros and cons of electric cars can help you make the most informed decision. You also need to refer to the pros and cons list to determine the many benefits and few setbacks of these cars.