Endangered Species Act Pros and Cons


The Endangered Species Act, which was passed in the early 1970’s, encompasses many different environmental laws in the United States. It was signed into law by president Nixon, whose main goal was to stop the extinction of many endangered species by whatever means necessary. It protects certain animals, making it a felony crime to harm or kill them, that are nearing extinction on our planet. While it has been highly successful in the revival of animals, like the bald eagle, it has been receiving quite a bit of heat from ranchers and private land owners all over the country.

Endangered Species Act Pros

Raises Awareness
One of the largest effects that this act has had on society is the level of awareness that has been raised for these species of animals. Once they are gone, we cannot bring them back, and education is the biggest weapon to stop this.

Protects The Environment
When a species is listed as endangered it automatically becomes a crime to harm them, or the habitat in which they live. This helps to preserve other species as well as the natural environments.

Invokes Pride
Along with the preservation of nature and animals, the Endangered Species Act also provided a wide variety of new wildlife parks for people to visit. This let’s people go and see the animals that are being protected in their natural habitat and feel proud that we as a country made it possible.

Revives Dwindling Species
The Endangered Species Act has been successful in boosting the numbers of species that are on the brink of extinction. This is the largest pro of this act and also the main goal.

The Endangered Species Act Cons

Very Strict
The laws are extremely strict in preserving ALL species. Many argue that other considerations must be taken into account before making extreme decisions.

Land Restrictions
As a nation we are continuing to develop at a very rapid pace. In order to continue to develop we must have the land to build on. This act places restrictions on many parts of the country, hindering the growth of business.

High Costs
The costs that are required to implement many of the laws and do the research needed are extremely high. Things like land surveying, security, and law enforcement are all ongoing costs that must be taken on by the tax payers.

Private Land
Some of the animals that are on the endangered species list are very dangerous, but it is still a crime to harm them. This poses very large issues with ranchers and other private land owners who encounter these animals on their personal property.

In Conclusion

This act was put into affect with pure and true intentions to save the animals of our world. it has been very successful in many instances and continues to work hard to protect the nature and beauty of our planet.