Capital Punishment Pros and Cons


Capital punishment is the type of penalty that is given to a certain person who committed a serious crime. The punishment which gives to them is death penalty. The government is the one that gives this kind of punishment. Even though there are several countries that already abolished or removed it in their law, you will see that there are many countries that make use of it in giving punishment to criminals. The Middle East countries, Unite States, and Asia are the countries that are still making use of it. The common processes that are used in death penalty are giving lethal injections, shooting, and electrocution.



The Pros of Capital Punishment

1. Reduces rate of crime. Death penalty is made to reduce crime rate. Due to this serious punishment, people will no longer attempt to commit crime. Instead, they will just to the right thing in order to make their life longer.

2. Safe society. With the presence of death penalty, each and every society is hundred percent safe to suspicious people around them.

3. More affordable in comparing imprisonment. The rate of death penalty is lower than imprisonment. That’s why some detainees are choosing to face this punishment than giving their family with financially issues.

4. Provide revenge of pain and suffering. Because the life of the prisoner is the exchange of the crime that he or she committed. People will have the assurance that they can gain revenge through the pain and suffering that they experience.

5. Significant for the safeties of guard and most inmates. Aside from the safety of society, the guards and inmates who stay inside the jail is also safe. Detainees will never try to commit additional crime that can affect their lifespan.



The Cons of Capital Punishment

1. Capital punishment is not always right. Actually, this is really true. Most poor prisoner can’t hire a professional lawyer to defend themselves. That’s why the government or judge will immediately see that they are guilty and worth it to suffer from death penalty.

2. Doesn’t give a prison a second chance to change. It is stated above the life is the exchange of committing a serious crime. In this case, prisons or detainees will never have second chance to change their attitude and to live until they get old.

3. Crime rate and death penalty doesn’t have any relation. Some professionals see that death penalty doesn’t decrease the rate of crime in the world. Crime is always present especially to the countries where this punishment was removed.

4. It doesn’t have any specific answer. Even though capital punishment is immoral or moral act, still, it doesn’t give a specific answer if that detainee really committed a crime. It always depends in the crime records of the detainee.

How Do You Feel About Capital Punishment?

Creating death penalty is a great idea because it gives the people assurance that they are safe from suspicious and harmful people. However, killing prison is not humane that’s why some countries decide to remove it in their set of laws.