Cell Phones Pros and Cons


Cell phones have become a necessity in today’s technologically advanced world. They possess an astounding amount of power, and gives you unlimited access to information and communication. As time goes on, the phones that are being developed are becoming better and stronger. They are now capable of doing things like surfing the internet, paying bills, ordering food, and even playing games. It seems everywhere you go people are glued to their phone’s screen, which gives some people a unsightly view on our future.



The Pros of Cell Phone

Most of cell phones today have a well built component that allows the people to connect in the internet without utilizing their computer. It is really a great idea to create this kind of cell phone because people will never have difficulties in searching for the essential information they require.

2.Tracking Capabilities
The tracking device in a cell phone lets the parents to know the exact location of their children. Through the presence of this device, both of them will have the assurance that they are in a safe place.

3. Communication
Both parents and children will have a clear communication. They can also update each other of what they are doing inside the school or working place.

4. Advantage For The Children
Parents can easily tell their children regarding their responsibilities even though they are already working. In just one send, their children will immediately receive it.

5.Powerful Learning Tool
Due to the latest application and features of cell phones today, children will learn lots of things from it.

6. Reliable
Cell phones are truly reliable to use especially when there is an emergency.



The Cons of Cell Phone

1. Misuse
Actually, cheating is a usual thing to students especially during their exam. They use their phones in spreading the right answer to their classmates.

2. Expensive
Cell phones are really expensive to purchase and you must earn and save first lots of money before you can purchase one.

3. Distracting
Can distract the attention of children while they are studying. This is one of the distractive stuffs to children especially when they are studying and doing their homework. This is the reason why most parents confiscate the cell phones of their children.

4. Accidents Happen
Texting while driving is not recommended because it is the main reason why the incidents of car accidents are increasing every year.

How Do You Feel About Cell Phones?

It is true that cell phones are a helpful thing to people. These are actually made for good purposes only and that is why individuals should know how to use their cell phones in a proper way. However, people used to live happily and easily even before the advent of these gadgets in the market so what can you say about it?