Pros and Cons of Censorship


Censorship is altering or blocking certain material from media, internet, and books. With the emergence of different communication technologies, this has been all-pervasive. This is applicable to various programs in plays, on television, print magazines, printed books, video games, movies and different things online. There are different disputes as to whether it more harmful than beneficial.

Censorship is common in modern societies, and it is also a very divisive issue. Many proponents think that the use of it will establish a balance in things that ought to be written and said, while opponents are criticizing on the foundation of threats that it poses to people’s right to speech. In this, it is important to explore its pros and cons to determine whether it is essential or not.



The Pros of Censorship

To help you determine the reason why people are supporting the issue, here are of its advantages you need to realize.

1. It prevents children from being exposed to offensive things like pornography and intense racism. There are various sensitive things that need to be kept from the innocent minds and eyes of children such as pornography and intense racism. Censorship is essential to do so. Racial hatred, terrorism, crime and others are international issues. This world would become a better place for people if these were censored indefinitely.

2. The surfeit of intense crime in TV and films is restricted by censorship. There are some sensitive topics or subjects that are not appropriate for people, especially to the children. Censorship restrains them from seeing such things and it protects the morals of the society. It also prevents violence through stopping broadcast of events that might trigger it. The prevention of public display of disrespect to community and individual is also one of most important things about censorship.



The Cons of Censorship

Censorship is advantageous but it also has several disadvantages that you need to take note of.

1. Intrudes upon the freedom of the press. The media has the right to disclose information that people needs to understand. Communities have complexities and flaws that need to be unveiled to many individuals but censorship does not allow them to do so. Limitations are set as to what kind of information they need to unearth which great intrudes upon the freedom of the press.

2. Freedom of Speech violation. Teenage audiences, artists and media corporations tend to believe that it is a freedom of speech violation. Many people think that it is a basic right of human to reveal their ideas in any way they want to. They also say that it violates the rights of people to obtain information. This is also viewed by some as a way for the government to control the flow of information.

Do you believe censorship is a way to control the information flow or is it a way to protect every individual? Individuals have different views regarding this issue, and this has been recognized as one of the most complex subjects to various people.