Chamillionaire Controversy Sells

Chamillionaire Controversy Sells

Chamillionaire Controversy Sells is the last album the artist recorded with Paid in Full Entertainment along with fellow rapper Paul Wall. The album, Controversy Sells, was released in 2005, a year after Chamillionaire parted ways with Paid in Full Entertainment and Paul Wall. The album was initially poised to be released in 2003 but it was the internal differences between Chamillionaire and Paul Wall in particular and that of the former with the label that delayed the release. But the release did not hamper the popularity of the album. Chamillionaire Controversy Sells remains to be the artist’s one of the best albums till date. It was his second album and since then there have been some tweaked versions of his existing compositions but no new album thus far.

Album Released

The album opens with an ‘Intro’ by Paul Wall & Chamillionaire that has a two minute runtime. The second track is titled ‘Clap’, that as a three and a half minute runtime. The subsequent tracks in the album include ‘Still (N Luv Wit My Money)’ which also featured 50/50 Twin apart from Paul Wall and Chamillionaire, ‘Here I Am’, ‘I Got Game’, ‘True’ which also featured Lil’ Flip, ‘Respect My Grind’, ‘Lawyer Fees’, ‘Can’t Give Up the World’ that featured Paul Wall & Chamillionaire, Lew Hawk and 50/50 Twin, ‘What Would U Do’ that featured Monetana, ‘Back Up Plan’ featuring Devin, ‘She Gangsta’, ‘House of Pain’ featuring Yung Ro, ‘True [Remix]’ featuring Paul Wall & Chamillionaire, Lew Hawk and 50/50 Twin and ‘Outro’.

Chamillionaire Controversy Sells had Clyde Bazile, Jr. in Art Direction, Beatco as the Producer, Bluenote as Audio Production & Producer, Chamillionaire as the Primary Artist, Crazy C in Audio Production, Crazy C as Engineer, Mixing & Producer, Del as Audio Production, Producer, Devin as Additional Personnel, Guest Artist, Primary Artist & Rapper, Devin the Dude as Primary Artist, Drathoven as Producer, 50/50 Twin as Primary Artist, Lew Hawk as Primary Artist, Lil’ Flip as Additional Personnel, Guest Artist, Primary Artist and Rapper, Mista Madd as Executive Producer, Monetana as Additional Personnel, Primary Artist & Rapper, Paul Wall as Primary Artist, T Gray as Producer, Myron Wright as Executive Producer and Yung Ro as a Primary Artist.

Chamillionaire peaked at #50 among R&B Albums in 2005, peaked at #27 on Top Heatseekers and at #30 on Top Independent Albums, both in 2005.

The End Result

Chamillionaire and Paul Wall parted ways amicably, so the press was told. There haven’t been any public statements from either of the two highlighting the reasons or even talking remotely about what lead to their break up. Those who are not in the loop may not be aware that the friendship between Chamillionaire and Paul Wall was not newfound in their adulthood but one they have lived through for years since they were kids. Even before Chamillionaire Controversy Sells was in the pipeline, at least in the knowhow of the music fraternity, the two had split and that did raise quite a few eyebrows.

It was known that the duo would be releasing their solo albums well before the joint venture was pegged for release. There was a lot of buzz about the two talking nice about one another, that they had grown up and were matured enough to move on instead of spilling the beans publicly. Paul Wall had his solo debut on the cards, ‘The People’s Champ’ and Chamillionaire had his sole, ‘The Sound of Revenge’ in the pipeline when ‘Controversy Sells’ was geared up for release.

It was no surprise that an already produced album would be released since the duo had hit the jackpot with their ‘Get Ya Mind Correct’. Also, people were expected, especially the fans, to bag the new release after the split and when the solo albums were on the way.

The split of fellow rappers, Chamillionaire and Paul Wall has not made as much news as some other infamous splits of rappers, bands, celebrities, actors and singers. It was perhaps their silence or there was not much in the public domain to talk about. Either way, the two rappers have certainly done a good job in keeping things concealed and only to wish each other well.

It makes sense for the duo to maintain public cordiality. After all, the popularity of Controversy Sells will allow both of them to make money. If Chamillionaire does well with his albums, as his former fellow rapper, Paul Wall will also get a share of the popularity and his albums will sell as well. The same applies to Chamillionaire if Paul Wall does well with his albums. The relationship, even when there is none, is mutually beneficial, at least from the financial perspective. It doesn’t make much sense to disrupt that with public mudslinging and gossiping which may have made some a Kardashian family but have not done much good for others.

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