Cloud Computing Pros and Cons

Cloud Computing Pros and Cons

Cloud computing is a new evolving technology being adapted by different companies of all sizes and shapes. Nowadays, more businesses are finding different ways to improve their business operations, and they are doing such through cloud computing. However, this is a new technology trend that has also been the center of various debates in different industries.

Cloud computing is actually the use of web-based services in order to support the processes of a business. Before you make a decision in moving your business operations to the “cloud,” you need to ensure that you know its pros and cons and weigh everything to know if this is the right one for your business.



The Pros of Cloud Computing

Here are some of the advantages of using cloud computing that you should take into consideration:

1. Cost Reduction
The use of cloud computing lower transaction costs, minimizes investments in hardware as well as the resources in managing it, and reduces paperwork. If you move your business into the “cloud,” you will also reduce business costs because your business will no longer need IT staff when it comes to handling the technological aspects of your business.

2. Improves Business Agility
Cloud computing enables you to solve problems with the use of IT resources without any long-term commitment, and there is no need for you to wait for a long time just to get the right solution that you need. Cloud computing is changing the entire pattern of business agility at lower cost.

3. Faster and Efficient Product Development
Moving business data and applications to cloud has actually seen provisioning time drop from long weeks to just minutes. Your business can make valuable research in no time, which can create huge impact in how you do business. Businesses can start to reduce cycle times when it comes to research.



The Cons of Cloud Computing

In spite of all its advantages, there are also some considerations about cloud computing that you need to take note of.

Clients and users have little control over Base Operations. One of the most identified disadvantages of using this technology is that both clients and users have little control over their base operations. Since cloud computing is creating a virtual work center for all users, there is no way for client to change the base. If there is something that requires hardware adjustments, clients need to contact the cloud company first to determine if they can perform a certain operation.

Makes your company Susceptible to threats and hack attacks. If you store business information and date in the “cloud” you are making your company more vulnerable to threats and potential hackers. Bear in mind that nothing on the internet is fully secure, so there is a greater chance for others to hack your sensitive business data.

Do you think that the use of cloud computing will enable your business to improve its operations or will it just hard your business? Do your own research and weigh its pros and cons. Decide if the use of this technology is the right solution for your business.

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