China One Child Policy Pros and Cons

Great facts about China's controversial one-child policy.


The overall population of China has increased to nearly 1.2 billion, and is continuing to rise. The country’s total population is becoming far too high, and it needs to be regulated before the population boosts uncontrollably. One important way to regulate its population is through the adoption of the one-child policy.

Does it really make sense to undertake this policy in China? Here is the beak down of several arguments as to why one child policy is heavily criticized and some of the reason why it is defended by others.



The Pros of One Child Policy

To help you better understand why many people have defended this issue is due to the following reasons.

1. Poverty Eradication in China.
In the poor areas in the country, too many births and cultural and economic backwardness mostly interact as cause and effects. Chine government has started to take steps in providing support to develop those poor areas in order to alleviate poverty. The government is doing so by family planning, raising quality of life of the population in such areas and holding the growth of population under control.

2. Reduce number of Population.
The number if population in Chine is constantly rising that is why it is important to make necessary actions to reduce its number of population. One child policy is one of the most effective ways that the government of China had realized to do this.



The Cons of One Child Policy

After you have identified the advantages of one child policy, it is also important to determine its disadvantages.

1. Forces abortions and human rights violation.
One child policy has been challenged both in practice and in principle for violation human rights to identify the size of one’s family. The proclamation of the International Conference on Human Rights in the year 1968 revealed that parents have the right to determine responsibly and freely the spacing and the number of children. In the execution of one child policy, a lot of local governments demand abortions once pregnancy violates some local regulations.

2. Brings Birth Tourism.
Some parents are escaping to the strict rules of the policy by giving birth to their other child overseas. Hong Kong is one of the most preferred destinations because it is exempt from the policy. Another reason for this is the additional advantages of the Hong Kong passport.

3. Exaggerated Policy Benefits. One criticism that people have identified regarding the policy is that its claimed effects on the reduction in the number of fertility rate are exaggerated. One of the most common ways that the government does to promote the policy is to present the exaggerations of the benefits of the policy.

What Are Your Thoughts About One Child Policy?

Various issues regarding this policy in China have been a center of criticisms, and different people have their own reactions about it. In this time and age, debates about one child policy is still ongoing. What is your stand about this issue? What are your thoughts about this subject?