Difference Between 2nd and 3rd Generation iPod Touch

Difference Between 2nd and 3rd Generation iPod Touch

Nowadays, there is a wide variety of iPods in the commercial market. Man has been enjoying the use of these technological devices. There isn’t a need to worry of the size of the item to be use since iPod is very handy and has lots of built in features that is being love by lots of its users.

One should be able to know the difference between 2nd and 3rd generation iPod touch for them to be able to make the most on its use. The product may have been of the same concept but the features and how it works is something that makes them different from one another. The features are very important inclusions that should always be look at so that the entire use of the iPod will be satisfied to the fullest. Being able to distinguish which of the two is a 2nd or 3rd generation iPod is very important so that the user will be able to use all the available applications which might have been helpful for them to carry out their daily task using this gadget. It is the difference that makes each iPod unique and suited to the person according to their needs and wants. Being able to know distinguish the iPod is a thing that should never be forgotten if a person wanted to acquire the latest or the older unit. It is simply about educating oneself on what the iPod is about.

2nd Generation iPod

Of all the features that are included in the 2nd generation iPod, it is the improved battery life of this gadget that marks its significance in the development and enhancement of the product. This was being released first before the 3rd generation iPod was released on the year 2009. This is able to do computing task but does not contain mobile phone networking, A-GPS, and an integrated camera. 2nd generation iPod has thin contoured metal design and is lighter with the original iPod touch. It has a multi-touch feature with a display of 3.5”and a screen resolution of 320 x 480. The device has an accelerometer that automatically goes landscape or portrait according to the way it is being handled by its user. The screen brightness can be adjusted. There is a built-in support for WIFI and flash memory that ranges from 8, 16, or 32 gigabytes. Since this is an innovation of the original iPod it has an external volume control on its left side and shuffles the songs when the device is being shaken.

3rd Generation iPod

This is an innovation of the 2nd generation iPod touch which was also release at the same year. 3rd generation iPod is much convenient to be used because of its features which is more effective than the 2nd one. The storage capability of this device has been the one that distinguish it from being more effective to be used. This device has storage of 32 to 64 GB and is lighter than the 2nd generation iPod. It is the superior performance of the device that makes it an ideal one. it has a special application that is known as voice over screen reader that is primarily intended for use of visually impaired persons. There is also an earphone with remote and mike.

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